TOP NEWS: Week 03/07 – 03/13

Weekend 03/12 % 03/13

Fed’s Plans to Raise Interest Rates Are Delayed, Not Derailed – nyt
German Divisions Over Merkel’s Refugee Policy Laid Bare in Votes – Bloomberg
China industrial output growth slows – Marketwatch
China housing sales rise 4.9% on year – Marketwatch



Friday 03/11

Asian stocks shrug off global losses and rise after ECB stimulus – business live – guardian

Fitch Affirms Greece at ‘CCC’- fitch
Banks Reach for ‘Renewable’ Financing to Satisfy Long-Term Funding Rules – Bloomberg

Mystery ‘Dude’ Rattles Turkish Stock Traders With Massive Bets – Bloomberg

U.K.’s Trade Deficit With European Union Widens to a Record – Bloomberg
PIMCO: Blue-chip stocks may be next on the ECB’s shopping list – businessinsider
Deutsche Bank says first quarter challenging for entire sector – Reuters
IEA Says Oil Price May Have Bottomed as High-Cost Producers Cut – Bloomberg
China Said to Plan New Rules Facilitating Debt-to-Equity Swaps – Bloomberg
German consumer prices up 0.4% in February – Marketwatch
What We Know About Draghi’s Expansion Into Corporate Bond Purchases: The Winners And Losers – Zerohedge



Thursday 03/10

ECB expected to launch new stimulus measures today – business live – guardian

The Incredible Story Of How Hackers Stole $100 Million From The New York Fed – Zerohedge
EUR/USD: Don’t Expect Downside To Resume Now: Here Is Why? – BNPP – efxnews
German Bank That Almost Failed Now Being Paid To Borrow Money – Zerohedge
Central banks’ steroids aren’t working – cnn
China Proposes Unprecedented Nationalization Of Insolvent Companies: Banks Will Equitize Non-Performing Loans – Zerohedge
Next Stop on ECB QE Adventure: $980 Billion Corporate Debt – Bloomberg
6 key takeaways from European Central Bank’s QE bazooka – Marketwatch
This Is The $1 Trillion In European IG Bonds Which The ECB Is Now Buying – Zerohedge
ECB Easing – Not the Kiss of Death for Euro – bk
Draghi Delivers The Bazooka: ECB Announces Surprise Refi, Marginal Rate Cuts; Boosts QE To €80BN, Adds IG Bonds – Zerohedge

German exports in January 2016: –1.4% on January 2015 – destatis
China Iron Ore Miner Defaults on Bond, Hurt by Economy Slump – Bloomberg
China February Consumer Inflation Rises at Fastest Pace Since 2014 – nyt



Wednesday 03/09

China fears hit markets ahead of UK manufacturing data – business live – guardian

New Zealand Dollar Falls as Central Bank Unexpectedly Cuts Rate – Bloomberg
`Enormous’ Impact of El Nino on Palm Seen Fueling 17% Rally – Bloomberg
Chevron Protects Dividend, Slashes Another 36% Off Spending – Zerohedge
Gold’s Best Start Since 1974 Shows Not Just Inflation Hedge – Bloomberg
Where Have We Seen This Before: Hungary Central Bank Will Prop Up Economy By Boosting Stock Market – Zerohedge
This chart shows how much the crash in oil prices has hit Scotland – businessinsider
Wholesale Trade “Gap” Reaches Record High As Sales Tumble, Inventories Rise – Zerohedge
Fear Is Beating Greed in the Bond Market – bloomberg

Saudi Arabia seeks $6-8 billion bank loan to shore up state coffers – Reuters

BANK OF AMERICA: 619 interest rate cuts since the crisis can’t save the global economy – businessinsider
Iron Ore Drops Back After `Surprising Blip’ That Notched Record – Bloomberg
1.3 million euros a minute – Reuters

China May Face Japan-Like Slump Unless Yuan Weakens, KKR Says – Bloomberg

Norway Wealth Fund Isn’t Joining Global Stock Selloff, CEO Says – Bloomberg

Aluminum demand hit but recovery ahead: Rusal – cnbc

What Doesn’t Kill Bull Market in S&P 500 May Make It Stronger – Bloomberg
PBOC Using Stealth Intervention as Reserves Decline, Daiwa Says – Bloomberg



Tuesday 03/08

Markets fall after ‘terrible’ slump in Chinese exports – business live – guardian

Behold! The First Covered Bond to Be Sold With a Negative Yield – Bloomberg
The Oil Short Squeeze Explained: Why Banks Are Aggressively Propping Up Energy Stocks – Zerohedge
Cyprus Confident of Bond Market Access After Bailout Exit – Bloomberg
Never Go Full-Kuroda: NIRP Plus QE Will Be Contractionary Disaster In Japan, CS Warns – Zerohedge
Jeff Gundlach on the global economy, the Fed’s next move, and negative interest rates – businessinsider
Prices Matter – Why Central Bank ‘Fiddling’ Is A Bad Idea – Zerohedge

Concerns about US rate hikes biggest cause of recent market turmoil – Nomura – fxstreet
Which Countries Have The Highest Default Risk: A Global CDS Heatmap – Zerohedge
Time to buy this commodity currency? – cnbc
Falling Off The Edge: HSBC Sees Japan’s Bond Yields Collapsing – barrons
Greek Bailout Retraces a Contentious and Dangerous Route – wsj
Shocking gas prices from around the world reveal just how bad things are for the oil industries – businessinsider
Treasuries Rally as Japan Yields Extend Record Low on Safety Bid – Bloomberg

German Industrial Production Surges by Most Since 2009 – Bloomberg
China Export Slump Shows Growth Push Hinges on Local Demand – Bloomberg
Negative Rates Fail to Spur Japan Bank Loans in First Month – Bloomberg
No Consolation for Abe in Revised GDP Confirming Contraction – Bloomberg



Monday 03/07

German factory orders fall in face of ‘gathering storm’ – business live – guardian

Helicopter Money Comes To Canada: Ontario Pledges “Basic Income Experiment” – Zerohedge
Fonterra Cuts Milk Price Forecast to 9-Year Low on Global Glut – Bloomberg
One Venezuelan’s Angry Rant: Six Stories From A Socialist Apocalypse – Zerohedge
Forex: This Week’s Key Opportunities – bk
Consumer Credit Growth Weakest Since March 2013 – Zerohedge
The ECB’s Italian Job – Bloomberg
“In The Last Seven Years, China Accounted For 40% Of All Global Debt Creation” – Zerohedge
Deutsche Bank Discovers Kuroda’s NIRP Paradox – Zerohedge

Norway taps its oil fund for the first time – cnbc
Will Russia End Up Controlling 73% of Global Oil Supply? – Zerohedge

World’s Biggest Bond Traders Give Themselves No Margin of Safety – Bloomberg
Will Italian Banks Spark Another Financial Crisis? – Zerohedge
Specter of $20 Oil Recedes as Speculators Flee Bearish Bets – Bloomberg

How the U.S. government inadvertently launched a $3 trillion industry – Bloomberg

Traders now expect ECB to expand QE, see deposit rate cut as certain: Reuters poll – Reuters
Draghi Aims ECB’s Killer Blow in 11th Round Versus Deflation – Bloomberg
Here’s How Draghi Can Free Up $900 Billion of Debt for QE: Chart – Bloomberg
President Trump would send the national debt soaring – Marketwatch
`Brexit’ Would Boost U.K. Bonds, JPMorgan Asset Management Says – Bloomberg
Here’s how the next market meltdown could spread globally – Marketwatch
China’s Foreign Reserves Slow Decline as Currency Stabilizes – Bloomberg

German Factory Orders Drop as Global Slowdown Weighs on Economy – Bloomberg
Iron Ore Jumps Most on Record as Market Goes ‘Berserk’ – Bloomberg
Massive iron ore squeeze the story of the day – forexlive
Shorts Pulverized As Iron Ore Soars 19% After Goldman Says “Bearish Case Intact” – Zerohedge
Suzuki to cancel about 70 million treasury shares – Marketwatch
Emerging-Market Indicators Signal Rallies Entering Overdone Zone – Bloomberg
China’s Small-Cap Stocks Rise, Yuan Weakens After NPC Omissions – Bloomberg
Bank for International Settlements says negative rates could have consequences – Marketwatch

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