TOP NEWS: Week 12/28 – 01/03

Weekend 01/02 & 01/03

Derailed? What Rail Traffic Tells Us About The U.S. Economy – Zerohedge
Foreigners Get It Wrong on Japanese Stocks, Ending a 25-Year Run – Bloomberg
We’ll miss you if Britain leaves the EU – and you’ll be diminished, too – guardian

This guy had a great year betting against ETFs – dailyherald
apan’s 2016: The Great Revival? – themarketmogul
Mideast protests rage after Saudi Arabia executes Shia cleric al-Nimr, 46 others – cnn
Mapped: how a demographic time bomb will transform the global economy – telegraph
Carmen Reinhart Warns “Serious Sovereign Debt Defaults” Are Looming – Zerohedge


Friday 01/01




Thursday 12/31

Rouble hits record low as markets end 2015 in jittery mood – business live – guardian
US Tumbles Into Manufacturing Recession With Abysmal Chicago PMI Report – Zerohedge
Wall Street is already revising its 2016 target for stocks – businessinsider
S&P 500 Opens In The Red For 2015 – Why 2058.90 Is The Most Important Number In The World – Zerohedge
Another Hedge Fund Shuts Down: SAB Capital Returns All Outside Money – Zerohedge


Wednesday 12/30

IMF chief Lagarde warns of disappointing global growth in 2016 – business live – guardian
Puerto Rico to Default on $37 Million of Payments Due Jan. 1 – Bloomberg
Top stock pick for 2016 = Europe – cnn
Here’s one huge sign that Saudi Arabia is in for a difficult new year – businessinsider
This Is The Best Investment Of 2015… Just Don’t Adjust For Hyperinflation – ZeroHedge
Canada’s World-Beating Bonds Prove It’s All Relative in Market – Bloomberg
The Bail-Ins Are Back! Portugal Slaps Senior Bank Bondholders With €2 Billion Loss – ZeroHedge
The World Economy’s Winners and Losers in 2015 – Bloomberg
In World With Too Much Crude Oil, 1,100-Foot Steel Monsters Rule – Bloomberg
Germany’s DAX Beats World With More Gains Expected – Bloomberg
Global growth will be disappointing in 2016, IMF’s Lagarde says – Reuters


Tuesday 12/29

Business live – guardian
A Sense of Déjà Vu – beyondbullsandbears
Asia’s Largest Commodity Trader Was Just Downgraded To Junk: Collateral Calls Next? – Zerohedge
India Continues Opening Market to Foreign Investors – WisdomTree
JPEU: new Smart Beta European Equity ETF by JP Morgan – etftrack
Here’s How Brazil’s Economy Starts 2016 – forbes
Hirsch to Close Hedge Fund Seneca After Almost 20 Years – Bloomberg
Treasury Curve Collapses To Flattest In 8 Years – Zerohedge
Saudi economic shake-up shows it is planning for cheap oil – Reuters
October Case-Shiller Home Prices Soar Most Since March – Zerohedge
ETFs tracking China’s onshore markets struggle to find an audience – Reuters



Dallas Fed Survey Crashes To June 2009 Lows, Warns “It Is Getting Ugly” – Zerohedge
Yen Guru Gyohten Says It’s Abe’s Turn to Stimulate as BOJ Done – Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia unveils 2016 budget – Marketwatch
Saudi riyal in danger as oil war escalates – telegraph
More Bad News For Oil: Saudis Are Handling Crude Crash Better Than Expected – Zerohedge
Even In Recession Brazil Forced To Raise Interest Rates – forbes
China’s Slowdown in Context – Bloomberg

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