TOP NEWS: Week 11/28 – 12/04

Weekend 12/03 & 12/04

Treasury Shorts At 6 Year Highs; Hedge Funds Quiety Exit Stocks As Oil Shorts Crushed Again – Zerohedge
Greece sees final solution on debt crisis amid euro uncertainty – Reuters
Goldman’s Bear Case In 7 Steps: “We Are In The 98th Percentile Of Historical Valuations” – Zerohedge
Stanford Study Reveals California Pensions Underfunded By $1 Trillion Or $93k Per Household – Zerohedge

Friday 12/02

These Were The Best And Worst Performing Assets In November And YTD – Zerohedge
Everything You Need To Know About The Italian Referendum (& Should Be Afraid To Ask) – Zerohedge
US Oil Rig Count Rises To 10-Month Highs – Zerohedge
Where The November Jobs Were: Accountants, Nurses, Waiters, Government And Part-Time Workers – Zerohedge
Payrolls Rise 178K As Unemployment Rate Tumbles To 4.6% But Average Hourly Earnings Worst Since 2014 – Zerohedge
Gross Echoes Gundlach, Says Trump Rally Is Misguided: “Move To Cash” – Zerohedge


Thursday 12/01

Oil price keeps climbing after Opec agrees production cut – business live – guardian

Global Bonds Lose $1.7 Trillion In November, Worst Monthly Meltdown On Record – Zerohedge
U.K. Manufacturing Growth Cools to Four-Month Low as Costs Rise – Bloomberg

Eurozone Manufacturing PMI at highest level since January 2014 – markit

Norway’s Wealth Fund Wants to Add $129 Billion in Stocks – Bloomberg
OPEC’s Oil Rally Seen Setting Stage for 2017 Price Retreat – Bloomberg

Triple threat – Reuters
ITALY: Manufacturing production growth accelerates in November – markit

Markit Spain Manufacturing PMI – Sharpest rise in new orders since January – markit
China Factory Gauge Matches Post-2012 High as Large Firms Lead – Bloomberg


Wednesday 11/30 – OPEC Day

Bank of England stress tests released – business live – guardian

Italy’s populist party wants to renegotiate euro membership – cnbc
ADP Says Companies in U.S. Added 216,000 Employees in November – Bloomberg
India’s Economy Grows Less Than Estimated Before RBI Rate Review – Bloomberg

U.S. poised to forgive $108 billion in student debt – Marketwatch
Dubai’s Drydocks Said to Ask 80% Write-Off on $1.4 Billion Loan – Bloomberg

Oil prices surge on optimism over OPEC deal – cnn

Euro-Area Inflation Accelerates Before Key ECB Decision on QE – Bloomberg

Negative Equity Rolled Into New Car Purchases Reaches Record High – Zerohedge

RBS fails stress test from the Bank of England; announces revised capital plan – cnbc

Japan’s Industrial Production Rises Slightly in October – Bloomberg
It’s a bloodbath in Chinese commodity futures – businessinsider
China’s money market rates are at their highest levels since 2015’s yuan devaluation – businessinsider
Millions of Japanese Over 35 Still Live With Mom and Dad – Bloomberg



Tuesday 11/29

Italian referendum worries grip stock markets – business live – guardian

Asia Is About to Face a Significant Dollar Stress Test – Bloomberg
Modi Cash Ban Ushers Worst November Since 2011 for Rupee, Stocks – Bloomberg
US Q3 GDP Revised Higher To 3.2%, Beating Expectations, On Stronger Consumer Spending – Zerohedge

Treasury yields near highest levels of the year – Marketwatch

WTI Plunges Near $44 Handle After Iran Oil Minister Says “No Cut In Production” – Zerohedge

Renzi’s Office Denies He’ll Quit Even on Italian Referendum Win – Bloomberg

“Europe Will Devalue Or Dissolve…” – Zerohedge

Investors Flee Gold Fund at Fastest Pace in Over Three Years After Trump Win – Bloomberg
OPEC oil meeting: 7 things you need to know – Marketwatch
UniCredit invites 10 banks for cash call consortium: sources – Reuters
Goldman Sees OPEC Meeting Down to the Wire With 30% Odds of Deal – Bloomberg

Bond yields have to rise a lot more to price in ‘Trumpflation’ – businessinsider

Austrian Bond Spread Shows Mounting Election Concerns: Chart – Bloomberg
UH OH: Chinese commodity futures have suddenly gone into reverse – businessinsider
China is tightening controls to limit capital outflows – businessinsider
Brazil Economists Cut 2017 Growth Estimate Below 1 Percent – Bloomberg


Monday 11/28

Business Live – guardian

Fears Italy may need €40bn bail-out for its crumbling banks – telegraph
The Hyperinflationary Endgame: Venezuela Currency Crashes 15% In One Day – Zerohedge

OECD Says Trump Tax and Spending Plans Will Boost Global Economy – fortune

Italian Bond Risk Spikes To 30-Month Highs As Referendum Fear Batters Banks – Zerohedge
The ‘Black Friday Indicator’ may be telling us something about the S&P 500 over the next year – cnbc

One Chart Shows Why the Buyback Bonanza Will Keep Going Despite Rising Yields – Bloomberg
Credit Suisse Downgrades India’s Banking Sector, Now Prefers China’s Banks – barrons

OPEC deal in doubt, and that means $30 oil — analysts react to latest developments – Marketwatch

BOJ Has First Loss in Four Years on Hit From FX and Bonds – Bloomberg

Zinc Explodes With Lead in Surge to Highest Level in Nine Years – Bloomberg

CHARTS: Investors are bailing out of bonds and buying equities – businessinsider
Brazil Hedge Fund’s Odd Stock Pick: Companies With Tons of Debt – Bloomberg
What Will Italy’s Referendum Mean for the Euro? – Bloomberg
Greece Is Not India? Hellenic Banks Plan “Tax On Cash Withdrawals” To Combat Black Economy – Zerohedge
What Fidel Castro’s death could mean for investors – Marketwatch
Here’s Morgan Stanley’s top FX trades for 2017 – businessinsider
ECB to Be ‘Pillar of Stability’ in Risky Year, Policy Maker Says – Bloomberg
There are fears that 8 Italian banks could collapse if Renzi’s reforms are rejected – businessinsider
China’s Ball of Money Is Rolling Back to Commodities – Bloomberg
Oil Investors Have $490 Billion Riding on Big OPEC Decision – Bloomberg
Malaysia’s central bank tries to stem a slide in the ringgit – economist

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