TOP NEWS: Week 08/24 – 08/30

Weekend 08/29 & 08/30

$7.1 Trillion In Global Sovereign Wealth Fund Assets: The Infographic – Zerohedge
Fischer Speaks At Jackson Hole: “Fed Should Not Wait Until 2% Inflation To Begin Tightening” – Zerohedge
Can the global gloom sink the U.S. economy? – cnn
This Is What Happened The Last Time Malaysia Faced A Currency Crisis – Zerohedge


Friday 08/28
Markets rally after sharp rise in oil prices – live – guardian
Why QE4 Is Inevitable – Zerohedge
Here’s How Long Saudi Arabia’s US Treasury Stash Will Last Under $30, $40, And $50 Crude – Zerohedge
These Four Currency Pegs Are Most Likely To Fall – Zerohedge
Brazil’s economy enters recession – bbc
Atlanta Fed Cuts Q3 GDP Forecast To A Paltry 1.2% – Zerohedge
Global equity funds witness biggest-ever exodus – cnbc
The Investor Revolt Arrives: This Hasn’t Happened Since Q4 2008 – Zerohedge
Fed Fails – American Spending Growth Is Weakest Since March 2011 – Zerohedge
UMich Consumer Sentiment Tumbles As “Hope” Drops To Lowest Since 2014 – Zerohedge
Personal Spending Misses Expectations By Most Since January, Income Juiced By Government Handouts – Zerohedge
Citi economist Buiter: China sliding into recession … likely drag global economy with it – forexlive
Citi: China Grew At Only 5% In H1 And Is Sliding Into A Recession – barrons
China’s Stock Rout to Resume as Intervention Ends, Says BofA – Bloomberg
Japan’s inflation flat in July; beats expectations – Marketwatch
Moody’s is chopping global growth expectations because of China – businessinsider



Thursday 08/27
Chinese stock market surges 5% as shares rebound – live updates – guardian
With Stocks in Chaos, Top Money Managers Hunt for Bargains – nyt
Oil surges 10.3% to $42.56 a barrel; best day since March 2009 – Reuters
How China’s economic slowdown could weigh on the rest of the world – guardian
Oil Industry Needs Half a Trillion Dollars to Endure Price Slump – Bloomberg
Shadow Banking Is Killing China’s Stock Markets – fp
It’s Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington – Zerohedge
Philippine economy grows 5.6% – Marketwatch
China’s latest rate cuts to pump liquidity up to 700 bln: Moody’s –
Heard of China’s Fake Rolexes? Now There’s a Fake Goldman Sachs – Bloomberg
China’s central bank pumps more money into market –



Wednesday 08/26

China rate cuts fail to calm nerves with Asian markets in volatile mood – live – guardian
What Would Happen If Everyone Joins China In Dumping Treasurys? – Zerohedge
Deflationary Collapse Ahead? – Zerohedge
Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio clarifies prediction that Fed will roll out new QE – Marketwatch
Dudley Just Killed The Rate Hike: “September Less Compelling; I Hope We Can Raise Rates This Year” – Zerohedge
Recession Watch – Durable Goods Growth Slows In July, Core Capex Orders Decline 6 Straight Months – Zerohedge
ECB Ready to Expand QE If Needed on Inflation Risks, Praet Says – Bloomberg
Chinese Margin Debts Shrink by $156 Billion as Trades Unwind – Bloomberg



Tuesday 08/25

China’s stock market slumps by 7.6%, but FTSE 100 recovers – live – guardian
Devaluation Stunner: China Has Dumped $100 Billion In Treasurys In The Past Two Weeks – Zerohedge
The Dragon Economy slows – implications for the UK & the world economy – RBS
Is Asia Set For Another Financial Crisis? Here’s Goldman’s Take – Zerohedge
Mapping China Contagion: The Flowchart – Zerohedge
3 charts explain how oil is roiling world currencies – cnbc
The Latest Currency War Entrant: India Warns May Retaliate To Chinese Devaluation – Zerohedge
Petrobras Among Brazil Borrowers Most at Risk as Real Sinks – Bloomberg
Stocks in 9 countries meet the scary bear – cnn
HSBC: A Look at History Shows World Markets Are Close to the Bottom – Bloomberg
China’s stockmarket keeps plunging but cooler heads prevail – economist
Here’s what may have caused the ‘flash crash’ in some big ETFs – Marketwatch
For Saudi Arabia, The Music Just Stopped: Scramble To Slash Spending Begins As Oil Math Reveals Dire Picture – Zerohedge
Which sectors could do well despite market swings? – cnbc
GOLDMAN: We thinks stocks will surge back like they did in 1998 – businessinsider
Goldman: Here Are 25 Beaten-Down Stocks That Are Insulated From the Turmoil in China – Bloomberg
Is The Correction Over? – Zerohedge
China Lowers Interest Rates for Fifth Time Since November – Bloomberg
China Cuts Benchmark Interest Rate By 25bps, Cuts RRR By 50bps – Zerohedge
Goldman: Don’t freak out about a global recession – cnbc
China says will crack down on underground banks, stem capital flight – Reuters
Bear Grip Tightens on Emerging Stocks as Half of 30 Markets Wilt – Bloomberg
EUR/USD Bottom Behind Us As Fed Enters Currency War – Danske – efxnews
Gundlach says US equity markets face another major leg down – Reuters

Monday 08/24
China’s ‘Black Monday’ as panic grips global financial markets – live – guardian
Deutsche Bank’s 10 Reasons Why The Market Is Going Lower – Zerohedge
Here’s The Problem: Despite The Plunge, Company Valuations Are Still At Extremes – Zerohedge
El-Erian: Stocks have a lot lower to go from here – cnbc
China, Japan and Europe Are Flashing Economic Warning Signs – nyt
Energy Sector Stocks Crash To 4-Year Low (As Credit Predicted) – Zerohedge
Brazil Analysts See Faster Inflation, Deeper Recession in 2016 – Bloomberg
Something Is Very Wrong In Saudi Arabia… – Zerohedge
Who Stands to Lose in Emerging Markets – Bloomberg
How Much Lower Does The S&P Have To Drop For The Entire Market To Be Shut Down – Zerohedge
Rate Hike Fever – nyt

Deutsche Bank Sums It Up “The Fragility Of This Artificially Manipulated Financial System Was Finally Exposed” – Zerohedge
Why The Bear Of 2015 Is Different From The Bear Of 2008 – Zerohedge
Global markets hit panic button after the “Great Fall of China” – fortune
Emerging Markets Pummeled as Stocks Slide Most in Four Years – Bloomberg
Brent Crude Falls Below $45 for First Time Since 2009 on Surplus – Bloomberg
China Markets Live – Shanghai ends at 6-month low, Shenzhen down 7 per cent and Hong Kong off 5 per cent at close – scmp
Global Trade In Freefall: Container Freight Rates From Asia To Europe Crash 60% In Three Weeks – Zerohedge
Sinking currencies point to jitters about emerging economies – ap
Why emerging-market weakness is not a replay of the 1997 financial crisis – economist

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