TOP NEWS: Week 07/06 – 07/12

Weekend 07/11 & 07/12

Germany’s Most Noted Euroskeptic Is Now In Control – Zerohedge
Killing the European Project – nyt
Eurogroup Officially Threatens Greece With 5 Year Grexit “Time Out” – Zerohedge
Disaster In Europe – nyt



Friday 07/10

Greek crisis: Markets surge after Athens submits reform plan – live – guardian
Greece Seeks $59.2 Billion Bailout in Effort to Keep Euro – Bloomberg



Thursday 07/09

Greek crisis: EC president Tusk calls for debt relief plan – live updates – guardian
Schaeuble Proposes A Trade: US Takes Greece, Germany Takes Puerto Rico – Zerohedge
Greek talks must produce strong outcome on Sunday for ECB support: Nowotny – Reuters



Wednesday 07/08

Greece crisis: Alexis Tsipras says ‘foreigners not to blame’ – live updates – guardian
Fed Mouthpiece Hilsenrath Confirms Fed “Cautious” But “Unalarmed” About Overseas Turmoil – Zerohedge
FOMC Minutes Suggest September Rate Hike Despite Global Turmoil – Zerohedge
Public and private enterprises offer freebies to cash-strapped Greeks – aljazeera
Europe Readies Emergency “Humanitarian” Action Plan For Greece – Zerohedge
Greece Preparing “Alternative Currency”, Kathimerini Says – Zerohedge
Higher Rates Wouldn’t Tame Bubbles Even if Central Banks Tried, IMF Paper Says – wsj
Will Greek “Hope” Offset “Limit Down” Contagion From The “Frozen” China Crash – Zerohedge
China stock market freezing up as sell-off gathers pace – Reuters
China Makes Selling For Big Investors Illegal – Zerohedge
Over half of China’s stocks have stopped trading – cnn
China’s Markets Plunge Deeper Into The Abyss As Investors Locked Out Of 71% Of Market – emergingequity


Tuesday 07/07

Greek debt crisis: Alexis Tsipras seeks last chance deal – live – guardian
Greece’s Debt Crisis Explained – nyt
French trade deficit widens in May – Marketwatch
German industrial output growth takes a breather – Marketwatch
Australian central bank keeps rates steady – Marketwatch
Is the party back on in Chinese stocks? – cnbc


Monday 07/06

Greek referendum: finance minister Yanis Varoufakis resigns – live – guardian
If Greece Goes, Political Contagion Is the Bigger Risk in Europe – wsj
ECB’s Nowotny warns Greece against missing payment – Marketwatch
European Central Bank tightens noose on banking system as creditor powers punish Greece – telegraph
Gross: Markets in ‘Eye of the Hurricane’ After Greece Vote – Bloomberg
Citi Identifies Contagion “Trigger Point” For More ECB QE – Zerohedge
It Begins: ECB Hikes Greek ELA Haircuts; Full “Depositor Bail-In” Sensitivity Analysis – Zerohedge
ELA to Greek banks maintained – europa
What You Need to Know About the One Thing That’s Keeping Greek Banks Alive – Bloomberg
As A Reminder, This Is What Capital Controls In Cyprus Looked Like – Zerohedge
Crude Oil Plummets Most Since February, Nears 16 Year Support Line: Tap On The Shoulder Time? – Zerohedge
Peak Desperation: China Bans Selling Of Stocks By Pension Funds – Zerohedge
Greece Will Live or Die by This Formula – Bloomberg
Service ISM Misses As Bird Flu Scapegoated; Employment Index Tumbles – Zerohedge
Service PMI Drops To Lowest Level Since January: Job Creation Slows, Input Cost Inflation Surges – Zerohedge
Greece’s debt crisis: Was the eurozone bluffing? – vox
Robert Shiller’s shocking call: Buy Greek stocks! – cnbc
Copper Crashes, In Danger Of Breaching 15-Year Support Level – Zerohedge
Yanis Varoufakis Says He’s Leaving Greece Ministry of Finance – Bloomberg
Greece Plans Updated Proposal Based On Last Juncker Doc-Off’l – mni
Greece Bailout Referendum: They Voted ‘No’. Now What? – Bloomberg
Greece Contemplates Nuclear Options: May Print Euros, Implement Parallel Currency, Nationalize Banks – Zerohedge
4 Scenarios After The ‘No’ Vote – Deutsche Bank – efxnews

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