TOP NEWS: Week 06/20 – 06/26

Weekend 06/25 & 06/26

Can Brexit Be Overturned? What Brits Are Asking Each Other Today – Bloomberg
NOMURA: Brexit will cause widespread ‘contagion’ in Asia – businessinsider


Friday 06/24

Brexit live: David Cameron resigns after EU referendum result – guardian

Global Recession Risk Above 50% on Brexit, T. Rowe Price Warns – Bloomberg
With a British adieu to EU, it’s farewell to a Fed rate hike for now – Reuters
How old people have screwed over the younger generation – in three charts – independent


Thursday 06/23

Pound rallies as investors await EU referendum result – business live – guardian

5 arguments in favor of a U.K. ‘Brexit’ from the EU — and 5 against – marketwatch
Eurozone growth slips to weakest in nearly one-and-a-half years – markit
Active Managers Start to Feel the Pain – Bloomberg
BARCLAYS: Here’s what 6 central banks will do if Britain votes to leave the EU – businessinsider
GERMANY: Manufacturing upturn accelerates, but services sector shifts into lower growth gear – markit
S&P says Brexit would prompt swift downgrade of Britain: Bild – reuters
French private sector output falls for first time in four months – markit
When Will Investors Know Brexit Results? – barrons
BREXIT: These are the key details about how the EU referendum will work today – businessinsider
Greek Bonds Rise for First Time in Three Days After ECB Waiver – Bloomberg
Manufacturing conditions worsen for the fourth consecutive month – markit


Wednesday 06/22

Markets edgy after business chiefs warn against Brexit – business live – guardian

China is doing something no other country is, and it looks like it might finally come to an end – businessinsider
World’s 2nd-Biggest Sovereign Fund Sees Oil Glut Until Mid-2017 – Bloomberg
The bankruptcy in Brazil shows why rating agencies are still a ‘joke’ – businessinsider
Meanwhile In London, A Stunning Scene Emerges – ZeroHedge
‘A bailout for SolarCity’: Here’s what Wall Street is saying about Tesla’s offer to buy the company – businessinsider
UK Banks Told To Model Capital Controls, Bank Runs, 20% Devaluation – ZeroHedge
Forget Brexit: According To Albert Edwards, There Is A Far Bigger Risk To The Global Economy – Zerohedge
Italy’s resurgent 5-star movement pushes for referendum on euro – Reuters

Here’s how Spain’s election could impact the market – businessinsider

Brexit Polls at Odds With Currency Markets as Campaign Nears End – Bloomberg



Tuesday 06/21

Shares fall as ‘Dr Doom’ warns of Brexit risks – business live – guardian

Chart Of The Day: Brexit & Emerging Market Exports – barrons
Oi Bankruptcy Causes Shockwaves in Brazil’s Financial System – Bloomberg
Euro zone reform efforts have ‘fallen by the wayside’ with ECB easing: S&P – reuters

EL-ERIAN: We need a ‘Sputnik moment’ or ‘something really bad is going to happen’ – businessinsider
German Top Court “Reluctantly” Rejects Challenges To ECB’s OMT Program, Lists 6 Conditions – zerohedge
Bookies Say It’s Almost All Over as Gamblers See Brexit Rejected – Bloomberg

Axa Seeks $2.4 Billion Cost Cuts by 2020, Asian Growth – Bloomberg

Soros says Brexit aftermath will be worse than time he broke the Bank of England – Marketwatch



Monday 06/20

Venezuela 2016 Default Likely, PDVSA May Go First, Moody’s Says – Bloomberg
Credit Suisse Chief Contends With Rising Tensions, and a Sinking Stock – nyt
China is due for a recession — unless it start acting like Japan – businessinsider
Goldman Sachs expects steep dropoff in U.S. demand for stocks – Marketwatch
Nigeria Takes First Bold Step Toward Hyperinflation As Currency Plunges 30% – ZeroHedge
ECB Keeps Up Corporate-Bond Buying Pace Even as Issues Slow – Bloomberg
Cracks emerge in the European consensus on Russia – Reuters
Caterpillar Retail Sales Decline For Unprecedented 42nd Consecutive Month – ZeroHedge
Pound posts biggest rise in eight years as FTSE jumps 3% – guardian
Morgan Stanley Asks If This Is Just A “1937 Redux” – ZeroHedge

UK Referendum Timeline: What’s Next & What Happens After The Brexit Vote – ZeroHedge
It’s Not Just The “Brexit” Vote: Key Economic Events In The Coming Week – ZeroHedge

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