TOP NEWS: Week 02/08 – 02/14

Weekend 02/13 & 02/14

China is back from holiday today with some big events – trade data, yuan fix & more – forexlive
China Stock Bargains Even More Elusive After Selloff Goes Global – Bloomberg

Assad ‘will be removed by force’ if peace talks fail, Saudi Foreign Minister says – independent
Chicago’s pension problem has reached a ‘boiling point’ – businessinsider
Turkey Fires On Syrian Army, Kurds, Says “Massive Escalation” In Syria Imminent As Saudis Ready Airstrikes – Zerohedge
The World Is Turning Japanese – Zerohedge
“We Are In A New Cold War”: Russia PM Delivers Stark Warning To NATO – Zerohedge
What Energy Bankers Are Really Saying: “We Are Looking To Save Ourselves Now” – Zerohedge


Friday 02/12

Market turmoil: Germany grows by just 0.3% as exports fall – live updates – guardian

Why NIRP (Negative Interest Rates) Will Fail Miserably – Zerohedge
This Is The NIRP “Doom Loop” That Threatens To Wipeout Banks And The Global Economy – Zerohedge
US Oil Rig Count Plunges By Most In 10 Months – Zerohedge
JPM’s Kolanovic Warns Upcoming Recession Could Be Comparable To 2008 Crisis; Says “Buy Gold, Cash And VIX” – Zerohedge

More Bad News For European Banks? ECB Leaks “Firm Support For A Deposit Rate Cut” – Zerohedge
Business Inventories Jump, Sales Tumble Sending Ratio To Recession-Warning Cycle Highs – Zerohedge
Retail Sales Beat Expectations, Control Group Rises Most Since May Delaying “Fed Relent” – Zerohedge
Deutsche Bank to Buy Back $5.4 Billion Bonds in Euros, Dollars – Bloomberg

Deutsche Bank announces public tender – db

Hedge Fund Segantii Bought Anadarko, Rio Tinto Shares Amid Rout – Bloomberg

Five-Decade Market Pro Who Called Bond Rally Sees 1% U.S. Yields – Bloomberg
Negative Interest Rates Are Spreading Across the World. Here’s What You Need to Know. – nyt
Greek Economy Returns to Recession After Shrinking in Fourth Quarter – Bloomberg
Italy Economy Barely Expands, Casting Doubts on Recovery Outlook – Bloomberg
German economy expands by 0.3% – BBC
Deutsche Bank CoCo Ratings Cut by S&P on Earnings Uncertainty – Bloomberg
Nomura Drops to Pre-Abenomics Level as Japan’s Brokers Slump – Bloomberg

Japan seeks G20 response to market rout, Kuroda defends negative rates – Reuters
HSBC axes 2016 pay freeze after staff protests – guardian
South Korea Halts Small-Cap Equity Trading After Index Sinks 8% – Bloomberg
S. Korean markets jolted by global equity woes – yonhapnews
S. Korean economy struggling with faltering exports, slowing demand – yonhapnews



Thursday 02/11

Market turmoil: shares slide again as recession fears grow – business live – guardian

Canada Sells Nearly Half Of All Its Gold Reserves – Zerohedge
Market panic: Investors fall prey to ‘death spiral’ as faith in central banks wavers – telegraph
Yen jumps against dollar as carry trade wanes, despite BOJ’s negative rates policy – cnbc
Japan’s Economic Roller Coaster Is Headed for Another Dip – Bloomberg
If Credit Is Right, The S&P Is Facing A 40% Crash – Zerohedge
Bear Market Descends on Global Stocks – Bloomberg

IMF Warns of Renewed `Grexit’ Fears Without Credible Greece Plan – Bloomberg

It has been a traumatic week for European banks. Their problems run deepest in Italy – economist
Greece’s 500-euro-note bank run – kathimerini
Canadian and Australian Yield Curves Invert – Clear Recession Signals – mishtalk
Negative Interest Rate Policies May Be Part of the Problem – pimco
What’s behind the global stock market selloff? – Reuters

The Crash In US Bank Stocks Is Only Half-Way Through – ZeroHedge

Five Market Moves that Shook Europe on Thursday – Bloomberg
Credit Suisse Slides to 27-Year Low Amid Selloff, Overhaul – Bloomberg
It’s Not Just Deutsche Bank… – ZeroHedge
Pollution crisis is choking the Chinese economy – cnbc
Racked Markets Hand Verdict to Central Banks on Sub-Zero Rates – Bloomberg
Fed Rate Cut Seen as More Likely Than Hike by End of 2016: Chart – Bloomberg
Investors Flock to Treasuries as Yields Drop to Lowest Since ’12 – Bloomberg
Yellen on negative rates: ‘We wouldn’t take those off the table’ – cnbc
Sweden’s negative deposit rate isn’t quite as scary as it appears – Marketwatch
Swedish Bank Move Creates a Global Shudder – nyt
Sweden Cuts Rates Deeper Into Negative Territory, Says May Go Further – Bloomberg

Gold’s Biggest Consumers Seen Buying More as World Markets Slide – Bloomberg
SocGen Slumps as Quarterly Profit Hurt by Securities Drop – Bloomberg
Bloodbath on D-Street: Five reasons why Sensex slumped by over 800 points – economictimes

Hong Kong stocks plunge 3.9%, catching up with selloffs – Marketwatch
Bass: China banks may lose 5 times US banks’ subprime losses in credit crisis – cnbc



Wednesday 02/10

Market turmoil: Australia enters bear territory as rout continues – business live – guardian

Here Is The Reason Why Twitter Is Crashing After Hours – Zerohedge
The Growth “Story” Is Over: Amazon Authorizes $5 Billion Stock Buyback – Zerohedge
Yellen Sinks Stocks, Craters Credit – Zerohedge

Citi: This Selloff Is 2011, Not 2008 – Bloomberg
Something Very Disturbing Spotted In A Morgan Stanley Presentation – Zerohedge
How fears about recession could become a self-fulling prophecy – businessinsider

Inflation Expectations Around The Globe Just Hit Record Lows – Zerohedge
Renzi Says EU Can Dodge Titanic Disaster Following Italy’s Lead – Bloomberg
Something Unexpected Happened When A Distressed Credit Fund Tried To Liquidate – Zerohedge
John Kerry Makes Last Ditch Effort To Avert World War III As Saudis, Turks Prepare For Syria Invasion – Zerohedge

Yellen Says Legality of Negative Fed Rates in Question – Bloomberg
Yellen Hints At Slowing Economy, Dropping Stocks, Accommodative Fed, But Does Not Go “Full Dove” – Zerohedge
Treasury Yield Curve Plunges To Flattest Since 2007, Financials Follow – Zerohedge
Deutsche Bank May Write Down Postbank Again Closer to Sale Date – Bloomberg

US investors getting burned on Greek bank bets – cnbc
Deutsche Bank’s CoCo Payments Hinge on Obscure Accounting Metric – Bloomberg

Fed’s Yellen cites global risks but says U.S. should motor through – Reuters

Profit At World’s Largest Shipping Company Plunges On Collapsing Global Trade, Sinking Crude Prices – Zerohedge

Nomura head blames SWFs for Japan sell-off – ft

Norway seeks to diversify its economy as oil earnings plunge – bbc

How Low Can Central Banks Go? JPMorgan Reckons Way, Way Lower – Bloomberg

JPM’s Striking Forecast: ECB Could Cut Rates To -4.5%; BOJ To -3.45%; Fed To -1.3% – Zerohedge
$100 Bills Aren’t Just for Drug Dealers – BBGVIEW
Deutsche Bank Jumps as Lender Said to Consider Bond Buyback – Bloomberg
UK industrial production shrank in 2015 – guardian
Stockland CEO says Australian property market won’t crash but Sydney growth to flat – cnbc



Tuesday 02/09

Market turmoil: Japanese Nikkei plunges 5% as rout continues – business live – guardian

Closing the Balkan Route: Will Greece Become a Refugee Bottleneck? – spiegel
Global Stocks Enter Bear Market – Zerohedge
CREDIT SUISSE: Markets will be lousy for the next decade, and it is a disaster for savers – businessinsider
Is Yen in Intervention Territory? – bk
S&P Downgrades Banks With Highest Energy Exposure; Expects “Sharp Increase” In Non-Performing Assets – Zerohedge
Odds of Fed Rate Cut in ’16 Rise as Global Markets Totter: Chart – Bloomberg
World Equity Market “Wealth” Crashes $6 Trillion Below 2007 Highs – Zerohedge
The bankruptcy business is booming – businessinsider
Deutsche Bank’s Big Unknowns – Bloomberg
Former Fed President Demands Negative Rates To Combat “Terrible” Fiscal Policy – Zerohedge
Russia Banks: What’s Next For Debt, Ruble & Rates – barrons
It’s Not Just China And Oil Anymore: Here Are The Two New Concerns Weighing On Risk – Zerohedge
German Finance Minister Schaeuble Has ‘No Concerns’ Over Deutsche Bank – Bloomberg
The US Economy’s Problem Summed Up In 1 Simple Chart – Zerohedge
From ZIRP to NIRP: What’s the Fed’s next move? – cnbc
US Investment Grade Credit Risk Spikes To 5-Year Highs – Zerohedge
Silicon Valley’s reality: The party is over – cnbc
Tension Rises in Bank-To-Bank Lending but Far Off Crisis Peaks – nyt

Race To Bottom Enters Final Lap: ECB Will Cut To -0.7% In June, JPM Predicts – Zerohedge

Charting the Markets: Global Stocks Approach Bear Market – Bloomberg
The $102 Billion of Bank Debt That’s Making Investors Nervous – Bloomberg
World’s Negative-Yielding Bond Pile Tops $7 Trillion: Chart – Bloomberg

Pound Seen Tumbling Whether U.K. Stays in EU or Seeks `Brexit’- Bloomberg

The yen has crossed a critical ‘line in the sand’ – Marketwatch
AIG to Plan Exit From at Least Half of Hedge Fund Positions – Bloomberg

Japan’s Bond Yields Follow Interest Rates Into Negative Territory – nyt

German Industrial Production Unexpectedly Fell in December – Bloomberg
How badly will BOJ negative rates hit Japan megabank earnings? Analysts differ – cnbc


Monday 02/08

Business Live – guardian

Deutsche Bank Says It Has AT1 Payment Capacity of $1.1 Billion – Bloomberg
After Crashing, Deutsche Bank Is Forced To Issue Statement Defending Its Liquidity – Zerohedge
Hedge funds keep getting crushed – usatoday
Gold Tops $1,200 for First Time Since June on Economic Woes – Bloomberg

Either Banks Are Cheap… Or The Market’s Gonna Crash – Zerohedge
Chesapeake Energy Craters 40% on Restructuring Report – Bloomberg
After The European Bank Bloodbath, Is Canada Next? – Zerohedge
Falling bank shares: a bad omen? – economist
DoubleLine’s Gundlach calls market trends ‘relentless and powerful’ – cb
Treasury Yield Curve Crashes To 8-Year Lows, Financials Follow – Zerohedge
Negative Rates Seen as Option for Fed as BOJ, ECB Pave the Way – Bloomberg

JPMorgan Unveils The “Bogey” For NIRP In The US – Zerohedge
This is what a $700 billion bond-market bubble looks like – businessinsider
Greek Tragedy: Pension Pandemonium Sparks Bank Crash, Stocks At 26 Year Lows – Zerohedge
In Greek Drama, Déjà-Vu All Over Again – handelsblatt
Traders Going for Exit Target Greece, Sending Stocks to 1990 Low – Bloomberg
Russian Hackers Moved Currency Rate With Malware, Group-IB Says – Bloomberg
Is This The Reason For Europe’s Sudden Bloodbath – Zerohedge
Futures, Global Stocks Tumble As Europe Bank, Periphery Carnage Unfolds – Zerohedge
European Stocks Fall, Credit Weakens as Signs of Distress Abound – Bloomberg
THIS is what could push Greece out of the euro – cnbc
Russia is returning to the bond market for the first time since 2013 – businessinsider
Germany Shuts Down Canadian Bank Tied To Money Laundering – Zerohedge
Goldman Sachs Says Defy ‘Mr. Market’ as Recession Risk Still Low – Bloomberg

A Dying Breed: Currency Traders Are Left Out of New Wall Street – Bloomberg

Japanese Bought Most Long-Term Treasuries on Record in MOF Data – Bloomberg

Guggenheim’s $240 Billion Man Says Nasdaq to Tumble Below 3,800 – Bloomberg
Venezuela Prepares To Liquidate Its Remaining Gold Holdings To Pay Coming Debt Maturities – Zerohedge

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