TOP NEWS: Week 01/18 – 01/24

Weekend 01/23 & 01/24

Citi’s Global Earnings Revision Index Drops To 7 Year Low: “The Spread Beyond EM And Materials Is Alarming” – Zerohedge
Only America can save the oil market – businessinsider



Friday 01/22

Business Live – guardian

There’s Some Hope for First-Time Home Buyers – Bloomberg
GEORGE FRIEDMAN: Putin has 2 years to hold Russia together – businessinsider

Russian sanctions could be gone in a few months, John Kerry says – cnn

BOJ on verge of fresh inflation target delay, putting monetary policy under scrutiny – japantimes

Oil Is `Trade of the Year’ for Citigroup After Iran Export Surge – Bloomberg

Results of the Q1 2016 ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters (SPF) – ecb

Eurozone growth cools at start of 2016 – markit

Germany: Output growth slows, but confidence amongst service providers at near 5-year high – markit

French private sector output rises marginally at start of 2016 – markit

Japanese Stocks Surge by Most in Four Months as Bears Retreat – Bloomberg
Japan: Manufacturing operating conditions improve at solid rate at start of 2016 – markit


Thursday 01/21

Business Live – guardian

Soros Reveals He Is Short The S&P 500: Warns China Will Have A Hard-Landing, Says “Fed Hike Was A Mistake” – Zerohedge
Norway to World: We’re Sitting Out the Big Wealth Fund Selloff – Bloomberg
Someone Is Trying To Corner The Copper Market – Zerohedge
Draghi Readies for ECB Action in March as Global Risks Escalate – Bloomberg
Venezuela Hits “Point of No Return” – 2016 Bankruptcy Is “Difficult To Avoid” According To Barclays – Zerohedge
Russia’s Ex-Finance Minister Claims Oil Price May Drop to $16-18 a Barrel – sputniknews

Davos Diary: Money is Rushing Out of Emerging Markets. Blame China – fp

Ruble Tumbles Most in Emerging Markets as Russia Selloff Worsens – Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank Drops as Investment Bank Revenue Concerns Mount – Bloomberg
Global Shareholders Have $27 Trillion Locked in Bear Markets – Bloomberg

Barclays slashes hundreds of investment banking jobs worldwide – Reuters
China Stock Rout Seen Getting Uglier as Derivative Trigger Looms – Bloomberg

Again, Won’t Somebody Please Think of Asian Structured Products? – Bloomberg
Hang Seng Index Sinks Below Net Assets for First Time Since 1998 – Bloomberg
PBOC Injects Most Cash in Three Years in Open-Market Operations – Bloomberg



Wednesday 01/20

Davos 2016: Global economic fears grow as stock markets dive – live – guardian

Gundlach Says `Protracted Decline’ Is Coming for S&P 500 Index – Bloomberg
GUNDLACH: ‘This is not stopping any time soon’ – Reuters
Here’s why you shouldn’t freak out about crude oil’s crash – Marketwatch
In Canada, the 8-Dollar Cauliflower Shows the Pain of Falling Oil Prices – nyt 
One Gallon of Milk Is Now Worth About Two Gallons of Oil – Bloomberg
Opinion: The bear market in stocks has finally arrived – Marketwatch
Italy, Greece, Financials Crash As European Stocks, Peripheral Bonds Plunge – Zerohedge
Emerging Markets Today: Ruble, Peso Weak As Oil Drops – barrons

Emerging Markets Lost $735 Billion in 2015, More to Go, IIF Says – Bloomberg

Fannie Mae Plunges Below $1, Tumbling 70% From 2015 Peak – Bloomberg

Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate target at 1/2 per cent – BOC
OECD Economist: We’re In ‘Epic’ Situation Worse Than 2007 – benzinga

Another Blow For The Fed – Earnings Growth Slows To Weakest Since 2014 – Zerohedge

More Bad News For The Fed: CPI Drops In December Despite Rising Shelter Prices – Zerohedge

Consumer Prices in U.S. Fall, Reflecting Slump in Commodities – Bloomberg
Ruble Tumbles to Record as Oil Slump Hinders Russia’s Recovery – Bloomberg
Is China really to blame for the global sell-off? – cnbc
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to Push Creditors for Less Austerity in Davos – wsj

Bridgewater’s Dalio: Fed’s next move toward QE, not tightening – cnbc

Bank of America: Hedge Funds Just Put the Largest Amount of Money Into Equities Since 2010 – Bloomberg
Rogoff Sees Need for Stronger ECB Action Amid Limited QE Effect – Bloomberg
Goldman Sachs Profit Falls 65% After Legal Settlement Reached – Bloomberg
Cheaper Than Ferraris, Ship Rates Crushed as China Slows – Bloomberg

Bad timing for Russia bank privatization plan: VTB CEO – cnbc
Saudi Arabia Said to Ban Betting Against Its Currency – Bloomberg
Saudi Arabia Said to Order Halt of Local Riyal Forward Options – Bloomberg
PBOC’s Ma Says New Tools Substitute for Bank Reserves Cuts – Bloomberg

Hong Kong Property Shares Sink as Currency Slump Spurs Concern – Bloomberg

Hong Kong stocks hit 3½-year low; Japan nears bear market – Marketwatch


Tuesday 01/19

China growth slows as markets await inflation data – business live – guardian

Saudi Arabia warns against ‘nefarious activities’ by Iran – Reuters
What’s Behind The Dollar Squeeze In Emerging Markets? What’s Next? – Deutsche Bank – efxnews

China to inject 600B yuan to ease liquidity strains – cnbc

China Exporting Global Deflation? Deutsche Bank Says Not Quite – Bloomberg

IMF downgrades global forecast – bbc

UK inflation rate rises to 0.2% in December – bbc

Draghi May Send Dovish Signals at Policy Meeting to Temper Market Expectations – Bloomberg

IEA Sees Risk of World Drowning in Oil – Bloomberg

Germany: Consumer prices in 2015: +0.3% on the previous year – destatis

World’s Biggest Steel Industry Shrinks for First Time Since 1991 – Bloomberg
PBOC Boosts Injections as Money Rates Climb to Two-Week High – Bloomberg

Sovereign Wealth Funds Are Driving Asset Slump, Jefferies Says – Bloomberg
Yuan Slides After Quadruple Whammy China Data Miss: GDP Both Matches And Misses – Zerohedge
China fourth-quarter growth weakest since 2009 as policy misstep fears grow – Reuters
China industrial output slows to increase of 5.9% – Marketwatch


Monday 01/18

Stocks turmoil: Japan on brink of bear market as oil falls through $28 – live updates – guardian

5 reasons why Venezuela’s economy is in a ‘meltdown’ – cnn
Art Cashin: This Is “What You Get Before You Slip Into A Crisis” – Zerohedge
Puerto Rico’s debt crisis just got worse – cnn
Italian Banks Collapse, Short Sales Banned As Loan Loss Fears Mount – Zerohedge
Oil Speculators Raise Bets on Falling Prices to All-Time High – Bloomberg
Oil shock is hurting U.S. economy – cnbc
Sakakibara Says Yen at 110 Amid Rout Wouldn’t Derail Recovery – Bloomberg
Islamic State offensive raises risk for Libya’s oil sector – Reuters
Rise of the Robots Will Eliminate More Than 5 Million Jobs – Bloomberg
First-Ever Downgrade Shows Polish Power Grab Is Bad for Markets – Bloomberg
Japan’s Nikkei Closes Below 17,000 As Hong Kong Money-Markets ‘Break’ Again – Zerohedge
Davos Boss Warns Refugee Crisis Could Be Precursor To Something Much Bigger – Bloomberg
These 12 slides from Albert Edwards predict the next global financial collapse – businessinsider
Worried about sub-$20 crude? Some sellers are already there – Reuters
The North Dakota Crude Oil That’s Worth Less Than Nothing – Bloomberg
ECB quizzes banks about high levels of bad loans – Reuters
China GDP: The elephant in the market – cnbc
India Trade Deficit at Four-Month High as Gold Imports Jump – Bloomberg

China Home-Price Recovery Spreads to More Cities Amid Easing – Bloomberg
China’s Stock Strategists Are Bracing for a Deeper Bear Market – Bloomberg
China Stocks, Credit Risk Worsen Despite “Short-Squeezed” Yuan Strength – Zerohedge
Looking Beyond Backyard Doesn’t Pay for Singapore Rig Builders – Bloomberg
Rajan Strengthens Rupee Defense Deploying $2.8 Billion Reserves – Bloomberg
Vietnam to Pick Leaders as Loyalty to Neighbor China Fades – Bloomberg

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