VelocityShares introduces first 4x leveraged ETNs to US

VelocityShares, a Janus Henderson Group plc, announces the launch of a suite of 10 series of currency-related exchange traded notes (ETNs), to be traded on the NYSE Arca exchange. Each series of the VelocityShares currency ETNs is linked to a Velocity Shares Daily 4X leveraged long currency index. The ETNs are designed to offer 4 times leveraged exposure, reset daily, to changes in the exchange rate between the US Dollar and any one of the following five currencies: Japanese Yen (JPY), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), Swiss Franc (CHF) and Australian Dollar (AUD).
Five of the ETNs offer long exposure to the US Dollar versus a foreign currency, and five offer long exposure to a foreign currency versus the US Dollar. The ETNs are issued by Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc. and guaranteed by Citigroup Inc.
The new 4x ETNs are:

Name ETN Ticker
VelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs JPY DJPY
VelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs EUR DEUR
VelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs GBP DGBP
VelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs CHF DCHF
VelocityShares Daily 4x Long USD vs AUD DAUD
VelocityShares Daily  4x Long JPY vs USD UJPY
VelocityShares Daily  4x Long EUR vs USD UEUR
VelocityShares Daily  4x Long GBP vs USD UGBP
VelocityShares Daily  4x Long CHF vs USD UCHF
VelocityShares Daily  4x Long AUD vs USD UAUD


Exchange traded notes (ETNs) are senior, unsecured debt securities issued by financial institutions that provide knowledgeable investors with sophisticated tools for executing their trading strategies. There are restrictions on the minimum number of ETNs investors may redeem pursuant to the ETNs’ early redemption right. There may not be an active trading market in ETNs. The ETNs are subject to significant risks.

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