TOP NEWS: Week 06/19 – 06/25

Weekend 06/24 & 06/25

IceCap: Most Investors Aren’t Prepared To See What Is Behind Draghi’s Scheme To Delay The Inevitable – Zerohedge
BIS Lists The Four Biggest Threats Facing The Global Economy – Zerohedge
Why The Next Recession Will Morph Into A Decades Long Depressionary Event… Or Worse – Zerohedge
“Is The Equity Market Irrational Yet?” Citi Answers With The Following Chart – Zerohedge
Goldman Finds Most Modern Recessions Were Caused By The Fed – Zerohedge


Friday 06/23

Business Live – guardian

Saudi Hypocrisy: The Great Gas War Is Looming – Zerohedge
US Oil Rig Count Rises For 23rd Straight Week But High Costs Drive Investors Out Of The Permian – Zerohedge
US PMIs Tumble To 9-Month Lows, Catching Down To Collapse In ‘Hard’ Data – Zerohedge
BofA: “Central Banks Are Now In A Desperate Dilemma”…”Start Buying Volatility”  – Zerohedge 
Euro zone businesses end second quarter with slower growth: PMIs – cnbc

China Stocks Decline as Regulatory Scrutiny Worries Investors – Bloomberg
Nikkei Flash Japan Manufacturing PMI: Slower growth signalled in June – markit


Thursday 06/22

Markets nervous as Brent crude oil falls below $45 – business live – guardian

Europe Bond Curves Flatten as Inflation Softens, Supply Dries Up – Bloomberg
The case for Chinese equities – ishares
The China Steel Trap – Bloomberg
Complacency Is Main Stock Market Risk for India, Kotak Life Says – Bloomberg
China’s bond market to surpass Japan as world’s second largest in five years: UBS – cnbc
Dollar Super Cycle Is Over as Europe Comes Back, Barclays Says – Bloomberg
McKinsey: Banks Will Have To Slash 30% Of Analyst Jobs To Comply With New Research Rules – Zerohedge
China’s MSCI Rally Fizzles as Billionaire Rout Highlights Risks – Bloomberg
China Bad Debt Prices Up 30% as New Gold Rush Gets Under Way – Bloomberg
China Proves Again With MSCI Size Matters Most in Joining Clubs – Bloomberg



Wednesday 06/21

Business Live – guardian

Emerging Market ‘Risk’ Has Never Been Lower, But… – Zerohedge
FANG-Weary Investors See Cheaper Choice in Emerging Markets – Bloomberg
Gundlach Warns Flatter Curve Is “A Concern For US Economic Growth – Zerohedge
How big is bitcoin, really? This chart puts it all in perspective – Marketwatch
Amid Cash Crunch, Qatar Sovereign Wealth Fund May Start Liquidating Stock Holdings – Zerohedge
If Active Managers Are Dead, Their Stocks Haven’t Heard About It – Bloomberg

ECB Reveals That 15% Of Its Bond Purchases Directly Funded Companies – Zerohedge
ECB Sees Trump Administration as Key Risk to Global Economy – Bloomberg

The Reverse Tepper Moment Looms – Zerohedge
Pound hits 2-month low as doubts over support for U.K. government weigh – Marketwatch
Europe’s Unserious Plan for Greece – Bloomberg
The oldest stock market indicator known to man is flashing a big buy sign – businessinsider
After Shocking Saudi Shakeup “Not A Question Of If But When New Escalation With Iran Starts” – Zerohedge
“In The Past 12 Years, Only Four Assets Have Underperformed Oil”: Deutsche – Zerohedge
Saudi King Rewrites Succession, Replacing Heir With Son, 31 – nyt
What Saudi Arabia’s royal reshuffle means for the world – cnn
Saudi king upends royal succession and appoints 31-year-old son as crown prince – ap
Japan Inc. bails out Toshiba by snapping up its $18B chip business – cnn
Here comes the slowdown in the Australian economy Bill Evans has been warning about – businessinsider
Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day – Bloomberg
BAML: Hedge funds bought the dip in tech stocks last week – businessinsider
China’s Elusive Arbitrage Trade Is Back on the Radar After MSCI – Bloomberg
No Fireworks in China Stocks After MSCI News as Flows Seen Muted – Bloomberg


Tuesday 06/20

Why The (Collapsing) Global Credit Impulse Is All That Matters: Citi Explains – Zerohedge
A big year-end rally ahead, or shades of 1987? Traders debate the market’s next move – cnbc
Argentina 100 Year Bond Sale 3.5x Oversubscribed – Zerohedge
Rise of Robots: Inside the World’s Fastest Growing Hedge Funds – Bloomberg
SocGen: The Fed Is Raising Rates Too Slowly To Contain Asset Bubbles – Zerohedge
Oil Drops to Seven-Month Low as Libya Adds to Persistent Surplus – Bloomberg
‘Dangerous Situation’ for Hong Kong Property Market, Says Finance Chief – Bloomberg

These are the 5 biggest tech companies in the world right now – businessinsider
NOMURA: China’s housing bubble is spreading to its smallest cities – businessinsider


Monday 06/19

European markets rise after Macron wins large majority – business live – guardian

Dudley Double-Speak & China Cash Send Stocks To Record Highs As Global Economic Hope Crashes – Zerohedge
It’s Decision Time for MSCI as Global Stock Rally Bypasses China – Bloomberg
Argentina Unexpectedly Announces Sale Of 100-Year Bonds – Zerohedge

‘Hawkish’ Dudley Sparks Bond, Stock Selling With Puzzling Comments – Zerohedge
U.K. Companies Least Able to Pay Pensions Since 2009 Recession – Bloomberg

Key Events In The Coming Quiet Week: Brexit, Housing And Lots Of Fed Speakers – Zerohedge
China’s Home Prices Increase in Fewer Cities as Curbs Bite – Bloomberg

Japan Has Surprise Deficit as Import Growth Beats Exports – Bloomberg
Some Global Investors See Fresh Worries in an Old Problem: China – nyt

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