TOP MARKETS NEWS: Week 03/19 – 03/25

Weekend 03/24 & 03/25

Cash Is King Again – BlackRock’s Buying Bills As Yield Tops Stocks – Zerohedge
Morgan Stanley: “We Can Already See The Writing On The Wall” – Zerohedge
BofA Flips: “The Risk Is That Global Growth Slows A Lot More Than Consensus Believes”  – Zerohedge

Friday 03/23

US trade war: global shares plummet as China signals tariff retaliation – business live – GUARDIAN

U.S. Corporate Borrowers Have an Overseas Investor Problem – Bloomberg
Rising U.S. bank funding costs: Five pressure points for markets – Reuters

Fitch: China Can Cope With US Tariffs, But Trade Risks Rising – fitch

Crypto Has Just Found a Friendly Island in the Sun – Βloomberg
New Tariffs and Central Bank Sheriffs Drive Economies: Eco Week – Βloomberg
Chinese Stocks Take a Dive as Trade Dispute With U.S. Escalates – Bloomberg
Trump Country in Greatest Peril as China Tariffs Risk Trade War – Bloomberg
Asian Stocks Tumble as Sell-Off Over Trade Fears Continues – nyt
Japan Bulls Can’t Evade Tariffs or a $200 Billion Stock Wipeout – Βloomberg

Dropbox is going public as a $11.9 billion company — better than expected, but still below its private valuation – businessinsider
China urges U.S. to ‘pull back from brink’ as Trump unveils tariffs – Reuters


Thursday 03/22

Markets brace for Bank of England decision after US rate hike – business live – guardian

Trump’s Trade War Wreaks Havoc on Two of the Most Volatile Tariff Stocks – Bloomberg
The next inflation shock will come from China, warns Pimco portfolio manager – Marketwatch
Draghi Tells EU Leaders of Four Risks to Rosy Europe Outlook  – Bloomberg
Here Are All The Ways China Can Retaliate To Trump’s Trade War – Zerohedge
10-year Treasury yield drops the most in 6 months to below 2.8% – cnbc
One of Europe’s Biggest Funds Is Betting on the Dollar – Bloomberg
Stocks Drop Below Key Support Level – Bloomberg
Dow plunges 724 points as trade war fears rock Wall Street – cnn
Trump Slaps China With $50 Billion In Tariffs – Zerohedge
Leading indicators post fifth straight advance – Marketwatch

Americans’ Economic Expectations Match Highest Level Since 2002 – Bloomberg
Funding Stress Contagion Spreads – European Banks Collapse To 11-Month Lows – Zerohedge
The Great Inflation Mystery – Bloomberg

SNB’s Elusive German Investor May Be Clue to Its Big Share Gain – Bloomberg

Euro-Area Growing Pains Drag Expansion to Slowest in 14 Months – Bloomberg

Australia employment grows in February – Marketwatch


Wednesday 03/21

Business Live – guardian

Central Banks Are Raising Rates at Fastest Pace Since 2011, Deutsche Bank Says  – Bloomberg
Powell’s Fed Debut Shows Shift Away From Theory, Models – Bloomberg
The US’ national debt is rising 36% faster than the economy – businessinsider
Morgan Stanley: “Soaring Libor Is The Story Of The Year, Not The Fed” – Zerohedge
What Happens Next In The Global Trade War: A Q&A With Goldman Sachs – Ζerohedge

U.S.-China Trade War Would Take a Bite From Both Economies – Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank Falls as CFO Warns of Securities Revenue Headwinds – Bloomberg

Existing-home sales snap back even as inventory slides to a fresh low – Marketwatch

OE Rate Hike in May Looks Increasingly Likely – Bloomberg
It’s Getting Expensive to Hedge Against More Twitter Losses – Bloomberg
The Lithium Sector Surge Is Poised to Ignite a Deals Bonanza – Bloomberg
ECB Faces Year of Living Uncertainly After Conclusion of QE – Bloomberg
JP Morgan: Sell Cboe stock because trading in volatility on the exchange is losing popularity – cnbc
Powell to Ponder Hawkish Tone in FOMC Debut: Decision Day Guide – Bloomberg
One of Europe’s Biggest Polluters Is Turning Toward Wind Power – Bloomberg
What Next for Pakistan After a Second Currency Devaluation? – Bloomberg

These emerging-market fund managers focus on the explosive growth of consumer spending – Marketwatch


Tuesday 03/20

Business Live – guardian

“It’s The Same This Time…” ‘FANG’ Valuations Reach Dot-Com Peak – Zerohedge
Surge in wealth from stocks and other financial assets may be sending a dangerous signal for the economy – cnbc
Supermarket Bankruptcies Are Beginning to Pile Up – Bloomberg
Trump Can’t Win a Trade War Alone – Bloomberg
Fed Enters Brave New World of Forecasting – Bloomberg
The Fed Is Signaling More Than 3 Rate Hikes This Year – Bloomberg
The Weakest Base Metal of 2018 Is Morgan Stanley’s Top Pick – Bloomberg
An Exercise in Ignoring the Rate-Hike Train Coming at You – Bloomberg
Those hoping for a stronger dollar on a Fed hike could be very disappointed – cnbc
German Investor Confidence Tumbles Amid Risk of Trade War – Bloomberg
The Problem Is Facebook, Not Cambridge Analytica – Bloomberg
A stronger yen is bad news for Japan’s inflation target: Credit Suisse – cnbc
Zuckerberg saved tens of millions of dollars by selling Facebook stock ahead of Monday’s decline – Marketwatch
China Vows Tech Transfer Action as Trump Plans Tariffs – Bloomberg

The RBA is uncertain and in no rush to move interest rates – businessinsider


Monday 03/19

EU, U.K. Said to Agree to Transition Deal: Brexit Update – Bloomberg

Stocks Slump as Facebook Hits Tech; Bonds Recover: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg
Banks Are Finally Raising Deposit Rates 2 Years After First Fed Hike – Zerohedge
Saudi Aramco expected to list first on Saudi stock exchange, delaying international debut – cnbc
Morgan Stanley: “That Was It For The Market For This Year” – Zerohedge
Goldman Sees ‘Financial Fragility’ Rising in Markets – Bloomberg
Why the lowest-rated junk bonds are outperforming their peers – Μarketwatch
Why the Dollar is Falling Despite Upcoming Fed Hike – bk
Trump bans US use of Venezuelan cryptocurrencies – guardian

Facebook Falls as Pressure Mounts on Zuckerberg Over Data Leak – Bloomberg
People with massive student debt hope Trump will let them declare bankrupty – cnbc
Investors Prepare for Trade Tension, While They’re Split on Best Strategy – Bloomberg
‘Death Cross’ Strikes European Stocks As Dead-Cat-Bounce Dies – Zerohedge

Millennial Investors Felt ‘Excitement’ During Stock Selloff – Bloomberg
Hedge Funds Sink in February, Suffering Worst Month in Two Years – bloombergquint
Bitcoin Spikes After BoJ’s Kuroda Praises Cryptocurrencies – Zerohedge
London Property Asking Prices Slump for Seventh Month – Bloomberg
ECB debate shifting to interest rate path from QE – sources – Reuters
A Latvian Bank Shows the ECB Needs New Powers – Bloomberg
Lithium Seen as Lifeline for Oil Majors in Clean Energy Future – Zerohedge
Governments Around the World Are Finally Starting to Regulate Cryptocurrencies – Bloomberg
Russia election: Muted Western reaction to Putin victory – bbc
Key Events In The Coming Very Busy Week – Zerohedge
Hedge Funds Go Long on Yen as Team Abe’s Troubles Deepen – Bloomberg
Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day – Bloomberg
Chinese Central Bank’s Departing Chief Leaves a Legacy of Reform – and Debt – Bloomberg
China New-Home Prices Rise in Fewest Cities in Five Months – Bloomberg

Japan’s exports rise for 15th straight month – Marketwatch

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