TOP MARKETS NEWS: Week 02/12 – 02/18

Friday 02/16

Business Live – guardian

Short the Dip? Bearish Bets on U.K. Stocks Increase Amid Selloff – Bloomberg
Investors Say They Hate Leverage. Equity Markets Say Otherwise – Bloomberg
IMF Warns Trump’s Tax Overhaul Could Fuel a Global ‘Race to the Bottom’ – Bloomberg
High-Yield Bond Sales Stumble in Europe and May Fall Further – Bloomberg
Polls Go Dark With Many Voters Undecided: Italy Campaign Trail – Bloomberg
Hero and Villain: Higher Rates Suddenly Fit Bull Case on Stocks – Bloomberg
The stock market correction two weeks later: How it happened, and if it can happen again – cnbc

Central Bankers Can’t Really Afford Another Setback, Norway Says – Bloomberg

MSCI Slams Indian Exchanges’ Move to Sever Overseas Ties – Bloomberg
Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day – Bloomberg
Japan’s Central Bank Governor Nominated for Another Term – Bloomberg
RBA’s Lowe Says Inflation, Jobs Will Decide Next Rate Hike – Bloomberg



Thursday 02/15

Stock markets rise as investors shrug off inflation worries – business live – guardian

U.S. ‘junk’ bond funds hit by second biggest cash withdrawals: Lipper – Reuters
It’s Not China That Is Dumping US Treasurys, It’s Japan – Zerohedge
Trump’s gas tax would wipe out 60% of tax cut benefit for individuals, analyst estimates – cnbc
Volatility trap: how gamma roused a market monster – risk
Cracks Appear in Credit Funds as Investors Head for the Exit – Bloomberg
Doesn’t Anyone Care About Deficits Anymore? – Bloomberg
Wall Street eyes gold as inflation stirs, futures near multi-year highs – cnbc
Dollar Jumps On Reports Of Uber-Dove Heading To BoJ – Zerohedge
Canadian Existing Home Sales Crash In January – Zerohedge

U.S. wholesale inflation hits nearly 6-year high, adds to case for Fed rate hike – Marketwatch

Italian Economic Growth Slows In Warning Sign Before Vote – Bloomberg

Yields are not what is driving the dollar right now, but that’s okay – forexlive
These Are the World’s Most Miserable Economies – Bloomberg
WhatsApp and Bullet Trains Are Transforming Lunar New Year – Bloomberg

Hedge-Fund Investors Aren’t Expecting a Performance Bump in 2018 – Bloomberg
Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day – Bloomberg
Yen Bulls Betting on BOJ Bask in Stock Rout, Add to Wagers – Bloomberg
Yen Jumps After Japan’s Aso Says No Need for Intervention Now – Bloomberg
Australia’s 18-Year Yield Premium Over Treasuries Disappears – Bloomberg
Australia posts record job-market expansion – Marketwatch
Citibank: ‘BUY. THE. DIP.’ – businessinsider
Hedge fund Bridgewater makes $22 billion bet against European firms – Reuters


Wednesday 02/14

Markets calm ahead of US inflation data and IMF’s UK report – business live – guardian

President Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: A Substantive Shift To Private-Sector Funding – s&p
Dalio’s Bridgewater Boosts Gold Holdings in SPDR, IShares – Bloomberg
China’s Currency Policy May Be Facing a New Chapter – Bloomberg
This is what happens when Skynet from ‘Terminator’ takes over the stock market – Marketwatch
How Inflation Works (or Why Your Chicken Is Going to Cost More) – nyt
Albert Edwards: “We Just Had A Small Taste Of The Coming Financial Collapse” – ZeroHedge
Goldman’s Buyback Desk Was Deluged With Orders as Stocks Plunged – Bloomberg
Fresh Dose of Inflation Fails to Cure Dollar’s Deep-Rooted Ills  – Bloomberg
Favored Quant Trade Was Hit in the Last Bout of Market Volatility – Bloomberg
Dollar Bears Dominate at FX-Market Forum – Bloomberg
Englander: “If You Take Today’s Data Literally, We Are At The End Of The Business Cycle” – Zerohedge
That Obsession With Inflation Didn’t Last Long – Bloomberg
JP Morgan slashes GDP estimate to 2.5% after ‘hotter than Hades’ inflation report – cnbc
Jump in bond yields signals more Fed rate hikes after biggest CPI jump in 13 years – cnbc

Stock Futures Sink, Treasuries Drop on CPI Beat: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg
Stagflation: Retail Sales Tumble Just As Inflation Spikes – ZeroHedge
Italy’s Election Is Starting to Make Investors Nervous – Bloomberg

Euro zone production jumps more than expected in December as economy powers on – Reuters

East EU Growth Likely Peaked at End of 2017 – Bloomberg
BIS Chief Fears “Systemic Threat” Of Bitcoin, Urges “Pre-emptive Action” From Authorities – ZeroHedge
Shorts in SPDR Junk Bond ETF Surge to Highest Level Since 2010 – Bloomberg
Economists Expect a U.K. Interest Rate Hike in May – Bloomberg
UK firms plan biggest pay rises since 2008, boosting rate hike case – Reuters
What’s Today’s Best Case Scenario for USDJPY Bulls? – bk
Cursed by the Yen: Investor Views on How Currency Haunts Stocks – Bloomberg
Draghi faces an impossible task to weaken the euro – and he might not even try – CNBC

German Economy Zips Along as Trade and Spending Drive Growth – Bloomberg
Here’s the Feng Shui financial forecast for 2018, the Year of the Dog – businessinsider
Late Rally Spurs Hong Kong Shares to Biggest Gain Since May 2016 – Bloomberg
The Japanese yen is soaring – businessinsider
Japan GDP slows to 0.5% in final quarter of 2017 – bbc

Tuesday 02/13

Business Live – guardian

Active Funds Shone in Selloff, Just Like They Said They Would – Bloomberg
JPM: Risk Parity Funds Are Done Selling For Now – valuewalk
Trump’s Huge Infrastructure Plan Is a Flop  – Bloomberg
The bond market scare might not be over – cnn
Flash Boys Aren’t Exploiting Every MiFID Advantage – Bloomberg

Martin Wolf: It takes no imagination to see bond yields jumping massively – forexlive
Contrarian HSBC Bets on Stocks That Rise With Weaker Bond Yields – Bloomberg
America’s Supertanker Terminal Set to Export Oil for the First Time – Bloomberg
A $1 Trillion Fund Cracks Down on Corruption in Its Portfolio – Bloomberg
Oil slips as IEA forecasts increased output from non-OPEC members – Marketwatch

Investors cut bond market allocation to 20-year low amid fears of a ‘crash’ – cnbc

U.K. Inflation Holds Steady After BOE Warns of More Rate Hikes – Bloomberg
It’s Becoming Harder to Use Cash in China – Bloomberg
Market Shock Due to U.S. Fiscal Worries, Not Fed: Evercore ISI  – Bloomberg
Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day – Bloomberg
Japanese stocks drop, but other Asian markets follow global rebound – Marketwatch
China’s new loans in Jan surge to record 2.9 trillion yuan, blow past forecasts – Reuters
BAML says the risk of a boom-bust cycle in the US economy is growing – businessinsider



Monday 02/12

Business Live – guardian
Stocks Advance With S&P Futures; Dollar Declines: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg

Hedge Funds’ Biggest Short in Bonds Faces Make-or-Break Moment – Bloomberg
Dalio Says ‘We’re Past the Top’ in Bonds, Sees Rising Risks of a U.S. Recession – Bloomberg
Ray Dalio: Everything Changed In The Last 10 Days – Zerohedge

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Quadruples Shorts on European Union Stocks – Bloomberg
Japan eyes tighter leverage cap on forex trading – asianikkei
It’s All Classic: The Main Questions are About Timing and What the Next Downturn Will be Like – dalio
Bond Bears to Take Down Credit and Emerging Markets, SocGen Says – Bloomberg
SocGen: If 10Y Yields Rise Above 3%, Watch Out Below – Zerohedge
VIX Manipulation Costs Investors Billions, Whistle-Blower Says  – Bloomberg
Volatility Sellers Return to Market With a Vengeance – Bloomberg
Stocks and bonds did something last week that hasn’t happened since 2004 – Marketwatch
Inflation fears haunt Wall Street again, but investors might just be having a bad dream – Marketwatch
Central Banks Won’t Save Us From `Critical Stress’ in Stocks – Bloomberg
Bridgewater investment chief sees new era of volatility – cnbc
Morgan Stanley sees oil price risk skewed to upside – Reuters
S&P 500 Selloff Puts Share-Buyback Bogeyman Back in Focus – Bloomberg
OPEC hikes its 2018 forecast for oil supply growth on a flood of US crude – cnbc

Oil gains 2 percent as global markets stabilize, dollar dips – Reuters
Tech ETF Hit by the Largest Outflows Since the Dot-Com Crash – Bloomberg
Record $23 Billion Flees World’s Largest ETF – Bloomberg
.K. Factories Post Best Year Since 2014 as Exports Boom – Bloomberg
China Is Said to Call on Companies, Mutual Funds to Boost Stocks – Bloomberg
$160 billion hedge fund exec: ‘We’ll probably have a much bigger shakeout coming’ – businessinsider
New-look German coalition reduces key risk for euro zone bond investors – Reuters
Trump to Urge Wall, Opioid Budget Spending as Congress Sets Own Course – Bloomberg
ECB Told It Must Do Better as Soured Loans Crisis Rumbles On – Bloomberg
Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day – Bloomberg
Credit Suisse says history shows market volatility offers a good time to buy – businessinsider
Morgan Stanley Strategist Who Predicted Volatility Says Buy Now – Bloomberg

Asia Stocks Rise With S&P Futures; Dollar Declines: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg
The global ETF market just climbed to a new record high above $5 trillion – businessinsider
Stocks try a tentative bounce, bonds fret on U.S. inflation – Reuters
The Next Recession Is Gonna Really Suck – msn

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