Exchange Traded Concepts to Close ERW

Exchange Traded Concepts Trust has determined to close and liquidate the Janus Equal Risk Weighted Large Cap ETF (NASDAQ: ERW). Exchange Traded Concepts, LLC serves as the Investment Adviser and Vident Investment Advisory, LLC (“Vident”) is the Sub-Adviser to ERW.

The last day of trading of the Fund’s shares on the NASDAQ will be February 24, 2016. Shareholders may sell Fund shares through a broker in the standard manner through this date. Customary brokerage charges may apply to such transactions. The Fund will be closed to new investors as of February 17, 2016. Between February 17, 2016 and February 25, 2016, the Fund will be in the process of liquidating its portfolio assets. This will cause the Fund to increase its cash holdings and deviate from the investment objective and strategies stated in the prospectus.

Shareholders remaining in the Fund on February 25, 2016 will have their shares redeemed automatically and will receive cash in an amount equal to the net asset value of their shares as of the close of business on February 24, 2016. Any accrued capital gains or dividends in the fund will be paid out to shareholders of record as of February 23 and paid on February 24. The fund will begin trading Ex-Dividend on February 19. Shareholders remaining in the Fund on February 25 will not be charged any transaction fees by the Fund.

Whether shares are sold or are automatically redeemed, they will generally recognize a capital gain (or loss) equal to the amount received for shares above (or below) an adjusted cost basis in such shares.

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