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Powerful Admin Options

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DynamiX has incredibly powerful admin options to help you setup your website exactly how you need it, minimising the need to add custom code.

For example, the Header Settings page allows you to control the menu alignment and branding alignment. The alignment can be set globally and on each individual page.

There is also the ability to control the position of the menu and branding, disable the branding and control the header height.

Some other admin options include; skin settingsheader infobarnumber of footer / drop panel columnsfaviconblog settingssocial medianumber of sidebarsbreadcrumbs + so much more.

Gallery Media Options

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DynamiX has several methods of inserting media into the galleries. This allows you to separate gallery media from normal blog posts.

These methods include;

slide sets
attached media
gallery media posts
blog posts
flickr sets *
wp e-Commerce products *

* These options require activation within the admin before the option becomes available.

The fastest method of inserting media into galleries is the attached media option. Simply assign your media to a gallery media post or even a normal page, post and then enter the ID of that post / page into the gallery datasource.

Extra functionality has been added to the media uploader to include video urls and custom links.

Plugin Integration

DynamiX is designed to integrate with BuddyPressbbPress, Woocommerce and WP e-Commerce WordPress plugins – simply install the plugins and the Theme will recognise they are active and initiate functions and styling.

Each plugin has specific styling and functions to help integrate, for example – wp e-Commerce, all products can be inserted into any of the galleries. DynamiX is designed to be as compatible as possible with all plugins.

Translation Ready

Terus is translation ready with the required .po / .mo files needed for translating into your language. These files will work with the WPML and Codestyling Localization wordpress plugins.