TOP NEWS: Week 11/14 – 11/20

Weekend 11/19 & 11/20

Former CEO Of UBS And Credit Suisse: “Central Banks Are Past The Point Of No Return, It Will All End In A Crash” – Zerohedge
Why “Everything’s Changed” – One Hedge Fund’s Disturbing Take On Markets Under Trump – Zerohedge


Friday 11/18

Euro in record losing streak against the dollar – business live – guardian

Facebook to Buy Back Shares for the First Time – Bloomberg
Caterpillar Retail Sales Decline For Record 47 Consecutive Months – Zerohedge

Clean Break: What If The Dollar Rises By Another 10%? – barrons

Investors Pumped $31 Billion Into U.S. Stocks Since Trump’s Victory – barrons
Global Bonds Poised for Biggest Two-Week Loss in Quarter Century – Bloomberg

OPEC moves closer to oil output deal as Iran gets new offer – Reuters

Hedge funds fled healthcare stocks before the election — and may have missed out on big money – businessinsider

No rolling back on bank rules – ECB’s M.Draghi – fxstreet
Dollar Extends Weekly Surge on Yellen Commentary as Metals Drop – Bloomberg

Beginning of the next EM tantrum? – SocGen – fxstreet
German producer prices rise more than expected – Marketwatch
Iron Ore Gets Its Groundhog Day Moment as Tumble Follows Surge – Bloomberg

Here’s what portfolio managers at an $813 billion investment giant changed after Trump won – businessinsider
It’s Friday, So Asian Central Banks Are Back in Currency Markets – Bloomberg

Ford CEO Folds? Trump Confirms Carmaker Won’t Move Production To Mexico – Zerohedge
Malaysia Central Bank Says It’s Intervening in Currency Market – Bloomberg

VW to Cut 23,000 German Jobs in $3.9 Billion Savings Accord – Bloomberg
Volkswagen to cut 30,000 jobs at VW brand by 2021: source – Reuters

US Reflation scenario is positive for USD/JPY – Danske Bank – fxstreet

Nikkei 225 Enters Bull Market After Rising 20% From June Low – Bloomberg




Thursday 11/17

Business Live – guardian

Global Economic Perspective: November – templeton
Why Bond Vigilantes Are Stirring in Age of Trump: QuickTake Q&A – Bloomberg
China’s consumer credit-rating culture is evolving fast—and unconventionally – economist

The Glaring Contradiction at the Heart of Donald Trump’s Economic Policy – nyt

Goldman Reveals Its Top Trade Recommendations For 2017 – Zerohedge
Yellen Sees Hike ‘Relatively Soon’ and Plans to Serve Full Term – Bloomberg

Mortgage Rates Explode Higher – Zerohedge
DryShip Plummets 67% After Reopening; JPM Warns Dry Bulk Sector Has “Gone Bananas” – Zerohedge
HSBC Goes Bearish On Asian Currencies – barrons

Walmart Misses On Revenue, Comps; EPS Beats Thanks To Lower Tax Rate; Operating Income Slides – Zerohedge
Italy’s Renzi rules out government role if he loses referendum – Reuters

French Unemployment Climbs in Blow to Hollande Re-Election Hopes – Bloomberg

China tries carrots as local governments resist reforms – Reuters
BHP Billiton chairman warns of global ‘trauma’ if Trump puts tariffs on China – guardian

BOJ First Unlimited Bond Buys Get No Bids After Yields Retreated – Bloomberg
Wall Street Says Industries Rallying Most are Ones Going Nowhere – Bloomberg

One Mexican Company Is Winning as Trump Plans Construction Boom – Bloomberg
Fund managers think president Trump will be a reflationary juggernaut who’ll lift interest rates and inflation – businessinsider
ECB’s Mersch Says Stimulus Should End as Soon as Possible – Bloomberg
Modi May Need Six More Months to Replace India’s Junk Banknotes – Bloomberg
India acts to help farmers hit by black money crackdown – Reuters
The US has revived a disturbing economic ideology that helped cause the Great Depression – businessinsider
Australia’s employment report misses again – businessinsider
Chinese iron ore futures continue to collapse – businessinsider


Wednesday 11/16

Business Live – guardian

Moody’s: Weak trade, political risk and monetary policy concerns cast shadow over uneven 2017 global credit outlook – moodys
Something happened to stocks for the first time ever on Monday – businessinsider

Industrial Production Contracts For 14th Straight Month – Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In 96 Years – Zerohedge

Fed Rate-Hike Odds Approach 100% in Anticipation of Trumpenomics – Bloomberg

India’s Scramble to Switch 23 Billion Banknotes: QuickTake Q&A – Bloomberg

Sweden could become the first major country to issue a national digital currency – businessinsider



Tuesday 11/15

German economy suffers slowdown as exports fall – business live – guardian

OPEC, Russia Expand Diplomatic Push to Secure Oil-Cuts Deal – Bloomberg
The Donald Trump Shipping Stock Boom – forbes
Trump carnage in bonds spells trouble for stocks – Marketwatch
Ray Dalio: This Is What Donald Trump’s Presidency Will Look Like – Zerohedge

Why Emerging-Market Assets Have Further to Fall in ‘Trump Tantrum’ – Bloomberg

Cable Jumps As Judge Warns Brexit Could Be Delayed 2 Years, Confirms “Referendum Not Binding On Parliament” – Zerohedge
U.K. has no Brexit plan and needs to hire 30,000 people to figure it out – cnn

Saudi Arabia Warns Trump Not To Block Oil Imports – Zerohedge
“Is The Market Wrong?”: Financial Conditions Are Tightening At An Alarming Pace – Zerohedge
Stocks just gave up an important advantage they’ve held over bonds – businessinsider
Paul Krugman Doubles Down On Fiscal Expansion Claims Contradicted By Data – Zerohedge
Retail Sales Growth Spikes To 2 Year Highs Ahead Of Election – Zerohedge

Dollar Is New Fear Index as Easing Renders VIX Useless, BIS Says – Bloomberg

Italy polls get worse for Renzi as referendum nears – Reuters
Asian Currencies Tumble to Seven-Year Low Amid Stock Outflows – Bloomberg

China just let its currency hit lows not seen since the financial crisis – cnn
Hedge Fund Gold Buyers Caught Out by Trump as Prices Plunge – Bloomberg

UK inflation rate falls to 0.9% in October – bbc
Italian Economy Expands in Boost for Renzi Before Referendum – Bloomberg
5 reasons why Sensex may touch the 32,400 level by Dec 2017: HSBC Research – economictimes
Fiscal Spending May Be in Vogue, But It Still Has a Dark Side – Bloomberg

French inflation unchanged as food prices drag – Marketwatch
German Economy Slows More Than Estimated as Trade Weakens – Bloomberg

Negative-Yielding Bonds Plummet to $8.7 Trillion After Trump Win – Bloomberg

Soros Sells Off Gold ETF, Scoops Up Energy and Emerging Markets – Bloomberg
The RBA minutes are genuinely upbeat – except for one ominous black cloud – businessinsider


Monday 11/14

Business Live – guardian

Panic in housing market as Trump effect pushes mortgage rates to 4% – cnbc
Europe’s “Massively Over-Subscribed” Long-Dated Bond Bloodbath – Zerohedge
Why Brazil Stocks Are Still Sinking – barrons
What Do the U.S. Elections Mean for Emerging Markets? – pimco
As Venezuela’s Currency Loses 40% In One Month, Maduro Dances – ZeroHedge

Election Plunge Leaves Treasuries Most Oversold Since ‘07: Chart – Bloomberg

Bonds Are ‘Cheapest’ To Stocks In A Year As Cross-Asset-Class Correlation Collapses – ZeroHedge
What Trump Means for Interest Rates – Bloomberg

Italian Bond Yields Explode To 18-Month Highs As Deutsche Sees ‘Italeave’ Odds At 60% – ZeroHedge
U.K. Sees $82 Billion Investment Hit as Brexit Tariffs Tallied – Bloomberg

Bond Vigilantes to Trump: Be Careful, It Could Get Painful – Bloomberg
Italy Targeted by Funds Hunting Next Populist Breakthrough – Bloomberg
Goldman Just Killed The “Reflation Euphoria” – Concludes Global Growth Will Suffer Under Trump No Matter What – ZeroHedge
UniCredit, SocGen decline to comment on merger rumor – Reuters
Correcting Some Misconceptions About A New Secular Bull Market – ZeroHedge
Dollar Rises to Nine-Month High as Trump Seen Spurring Inflation – Bloomberg
Goldman Sees the Possibility of Staglation Under Trump Presidency – Bloomberg

Copper Is The Most Overbought Ever – ZeroHedge
Trump May Save Banks Billions by Disrupting Global Rules – Bloomberg

Trump Makes Steel Great Again: Fact Or Fiction? – barrons
Mining Has Reasons for Optimism and They’re Not All Donald Trump – Bloomberg
Boats Go Bananas – Bloomberg

Bulgarian Fighter Pilot’s Presidential Win Topples Cabinet – Bloomberg

China’s storming economic performance this year may be fading – businessinsider
GBP: The “Trumpflation” trade – Nomura – fxstreet

U.S. 30-Year Yield Hits 3% as Pimco Says Rates May Be Bottoming – Bloomberg
China threatens to cut sales of iPhones and US cars if ‘naive’ Trump pursues trade war – guardian
There’s tentative evidence that China’s fiscal stimulus splurge may be coming to an end – businessinsider
Goldman Says Trump’s Policy Mix Might Be `Modest Drag’ on Global Growth – Bloomberg
As BOJ wanes, Japan sees fiscal stimulus as likely next step – Reuters
Deutsche Bank calls EUR/USD parity: “The Trump victory has changed things” – forexlive

Australia Should Scrap Big-Denomination Bank Notes, UBS Says – Bloomberg

Latest China economic data shows a mixed bag – Marketwatch
Japan economy: Exports help faster-than-expected growth – bbc
Donald Trump Could Be OPEC’s New Best Friend – Bloomberg
Oil Man Who Foresaw Crash Sees OPEC Uniting in Self-Interest – Bloomberg

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