TOP NEWS: Week 08/10 – 08/16

Friday 08/14
Greek parliament approves bailout deal despite government rebellion – live updates – guardian
Industrial Production Rises Most Since November After Significant Downward Revisions – Zerohedge
China’s rich seek safe havens offshore as yuan devalues – cnbc
Here’s the map of the world, if size were determined by market cap – Marketwatch
Faber: Yuan devaluation is completely meaningless – cnbc
Euro-Area Fragility Shown as Germany, France Fall Short – Bloomberg

Italian Economy Grew Less Than Forecast in Second Quarter – Bloomberg
German Economy Expands Less Than Forecast as Global Risks Loom – Bloomberg
Zero growth for French economy – bbc
China’s Currency Stabilizes After 3-Day Slide – nyt
Yuan devaluation more likely to boost than hurt China commodity imports: Russell – Reuters



Thursday 08/13

Greece’s parliament in emergency session to ratify €85bn bailout deal – live – guardian
Turkey polls loom as coalition talks collapse – bbc
Don’t Look Now, But The Subprime Auto Bubble May Be Bursting – Zerohedge
Here’s the map of the world, if size were determined by market cap – Marketwatch
What China’s Devaluation Means For The Future Of The Dollar – Zerohedge
Oil Trades Under $42 To 6 Year Lows, Gundlach Sees “Terrifying Geopolitical Consequences” Looming – Zerohedge
Yuan Redux: Is This Another Asian Crisis? – barrons
Submerging Markets – Zerohedge
Even The Fed Admits Recession Looms: Q3 GDP Forecast Slashed To Just 0.7% – Zerohedge
Which States Will Suffer The Most From China’s Devaluation? – Zerohedge
Business Inventories Surge Most In 29 Months, Sales Ratio Signals Recession Imminent – Zerohedge
Egg prices breaking all-time highs on bird flu – cnbc
Retail Sales Meets Expectations, Leaves Door Open For September Rate Hike – Zerohedge
“Project Omega” – Why HFTs Never Lose Money: The Criminal Fraud Explained – Zerohedge
Brazil’s Plummeting Currency Forces Wall Street to Play Catch-Up – Bloomberg
Both ECB And BOJ Warn More QE May Be Response To Chinese Currency War – Zerohedge
Brazil Economic Outlook. Third Quarter 2015 – bbva
Currency War Intensifies As China Devalues For Third Day In A Row – emergingequity
China devalues its currency – ml
Fitch: Drop in RMB value shows China economy weak – aa


Wednesday 08/12

Markets slide as China moves to weaken yuan again – live – guardian
ALBERT EDWARDS WARNS: Prepare for overwhelming ‘waves of deflation’ to suck us into recession – businessinsider
Albert Edwards: “Prepare For Sub-1% Treasury Yields And Another Financial Crisis” – Zerohedge
Emerging Market Currencies To Crash 30-50%, Jen Says – Zerohedge
How China Trades US Treasurys When It Wages Currency War – Zerohedge
STOP FREAKING OUT: China’s currency devaluation is ‘trivial’ – businessinsider
Goldman Says China Yuan Move Is Attempt to Get Ahead of Fed – Bloomberg
Dong Unleashed: Vietnam Preserves Currency Shrinkage With Wider Trading Channel – Zerohedge
Treasuries Are a Winner as China Exports Deflation Says Bill Gross – Bloomberg
More CNY Depreciation: What If It Is A Trend? – Nomura – efxnews
Credit rating agency Standard & Poors praises Chinese yuan devaluation – scmp
German Yields Drop to Record as China Boosts Bonds Around World – Bloomberg

Oil demand growing at fastest pace in 5 years: IEA – Marketwatch

12 Signs That An Imminent Global Financial Crash Has Become Even More Likely – emergingequity
Vietnam widens dong trading band after China move – Marketwatch
After 14 years, look who may come back to the markets – cnbc

Emerging Market Stocks Fall Into Bear Market As China Devalues – emergingequity

China pushes yuan down further amid fears of currency war – Reuters
China industrial production growth slows in July – Marketwatch
Making Sense of China’s Currency Move – BBGView
Markets After PBoC Moves – Reactions From 15 Major Banks – efxnews



Tuesday 08/11

Greece close to clinching €86bn bailout deal – live – guardian
Just As Brazil Hits Rock Bottom, Things Are About To Get Even Worse – Zerohedge
How Much More Faith In Central Banks Is Left? – Zerohedge
1997 Asian Currency Crisis Redux – Zerohedge
This Is Not A Drill: India, Russia And Thailand Prepare For Currency War – Zerohedge
Did China’s Devaluation Crush Yellen’s Rate Hike Strategy – Zerohedge
This Is What Global Currency War Looks Like: A Complete History Of Recent FX Interventions – Zerohedge
Chinese Airline Stocks Get Clobbered After Currency Devaluation – Bloomberg
Exporters Drag Europe Stocks Lower After China Devalues Currency – Bloomberg
Russia’s economy is in a pit, according to economists – cnbc
Banks Said Poised to Win Delay of U.S. Curbs on Overseas Swaps – Bloomberg
OPEC Supply Reaches 3-Year High as Iran Pumps Most Since ’12 – Bloomberg
Euro gains as surprise yuan devaluation sees carry trades unwound – Reuters
China Auto Sales Fall to 17-Month Low Despite Price Cuts – Bloomberg
Winners & Losers In G10 FX After PBoC’s Move – SocGen – efxnews
Q&A: What yuan devaluation means for China, other countries – ap
Economists React: China Shakes Markets with Yuan Move – wsj
5 Things About China’s Currency Devaluation – wsj

China devalues yuan in shocking move – cnn

China moves to devalue the yuan – Marketwatch
Yuan devaluation & what it could mean for UK interest rates – rbs



Monday 08/10
Greece closes in on third bailout deal – live updates – guardian
Fed’s Fischer suggests September rate hike not a done deal – Marketwatch
China’s massive economic advantage over the world is about to disappear – businessinsider
And The Biggest Beneficiary Of The Greek Crisis Is…- Zerohedge
Commodities are re-entering a ‘deflationary vortex’ – businessinsider
There is no reason to believe the global economy is shrinking into recession – businessinsider
With Alphabet, Google seeks to be tech’s Berkshire Hathaway – Marketwatch
These emerging markets are in the best position to withstand a Fed rate hike – businessinsider
Russia’s economy is shriveling up – businessinsider
The World’s Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Is About To Become A Seller – Zerohedge
Would a third Greek bailout work? – bbc
Here are the S&P 500 Stocks With the Highest Exposure to China – Bloomberg
Why JPMorgan Sees September Liftoff But Cut Bond Yield Forecasts – Bloomberg
Moody’s: Crude oil prices to remain mostly unchanged rest of year – wp
WARREN BUFFETT: It’s going to be ‘very tough’ for the Fed to raise rates in September – businessinsider
Negative Yields on $1.5 Trillion of Euro Bonds Show Flat Economy – Bloomberg
US Treasury yields tick higher ahead of Fed speeches – cnbc
Goldman Sachs says now a good time to buy USD – maintain their EUR/USD parity call – forexlive
Oil – Commerzbank says the situation is clear, demand dip, oversupply – forexlive
Greece steps closer to bailout deal as ECB deadline nears – Marketwatch
Australian recession … its coming, but when? What to watch for – forexlive
China stockmarket – here’s what THE biggest buyer is buying to prop it up – forexlive
For Norway, Oil at $50 Is Worse Than the Global Financial Crisis – Bloomberg
Japanese Dump Most Treasuries in Two Years as Fed Liftoff Looms – Bloomberg
Investors are running away from U.S. stocks – cnn
This Is What China’s Version of Quantitative Easing Looks Like – Bloomberg
China’s inflation rate rises to 1.6% in July, missing a government target – bbc
China Exports Fall as Lower Demand, Strong Yuan Hurt Growth – Bloomberg
How Facebook is fuelling the growth of the super start-up – telegraph
The Downside of ETFs – wsj
Navigating the Storm Engulfing Greek Banks – nyt
Copper Bears Keep ‘Stranglehold’ on Market as Stockpiles Rise – Bloomberg
China Economic Outlook. Third Quarter 2015 – bbva
Interest Rates Are Already Hurting Mortgage REIT ETFs – Bloomberg

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