TOP NEWS: Week 07/13 – 07/19

Weekend 07/08 & 07/19

Krugman’s money is on a Grexit – cnn
“The Streets Of Athens Will Fill With Tanks”: Kathimerini Reveals Grexit “Black Book” Shocker – Zerohedge
Portugal’s Debts Are (Also) Unsustainable – Zerohedge
Shell Warns, Oil Price Recovery To Take 5 Years – Zerohedge
Chinese “Bubble Trouble”: Why UBS Thinks We’re Only “Half Way Through” – Zerohedge
Pension Shocker: Plans Face $2 Trillion Shortfall, Moody’s Says – Zerohedge
China Stock Rout “Rocks” Property Market: “Massive” Cancellations Expected – Zerohedge
How the Greek crisis changed Europe forever – telegraph
Peak “Reach For Yield” – Zerohedge
The Greatest Collapse In The History Of The VIX Index – Zerohedge
The Bankruptcy Of The Planet Accelerates – 24 Nations Are Currently Facing A Debt Crisis – Zerohedge


Friday 07/17

Greek debt crisis: Angela Merkel urges German MPs to back bailout or risk ‘chaos’ – live – guardian
China Dumps Record $143 Billion In US Treasurys In Three Months Via Belgium – Zerohedge
China Increases Gold Holdings By 57% “In One Month” In First Official Update Since 2009 – Zerohedge
German lawmakers to vote on Greek bailout deal – Marketwatch
Why Argentina Consistently, and Unapologetically, Refuses to Pay Its Debts – Bloomberg
China’s Stocks Rally Most in a Week on State Fund Support – Bloomberg



Thursday 07/16

Greek debt crisis: ECB and Eurogroup consider next steps after yes vote – live – guardian
ADB cuts Asia, China 2015, 2016 growth forecasts – Reuters
The Obscure Metal That’s Beating Any Other Investment – Bloomberg
ECB Said to Favor Keeping Greece Emergency Bank Aid Unchanged – Bloomberg
Desperate Greeks scour UK for jobs to escape debt crisis – telegraph

China’s debt is now twice the size of its gross domestic product – businessinsider


Wednesday 07/15

Greek crisis: Deputy finance minister resigns before bailout vote – live – guardian
Gundlach Does Junk Bond Risk Dance Seeing No Rate Rise in 2015 – Bloomberg
Are Gold Miners Oversold? These Charts Show Not All Glitters – Bloomberg
Japan’s Economic Disaster: Real Wages Lowest Since 1990, Record Numbers Describe “Hard” Living Conditions – Zerohedge
Italy – Non-Performing Loans Hit A New Record High – Zerohedge
#ThisWasNotACoup-Alexis Tsipras is either a liar or a resident of Lalaland – politico
USDCAD Surges To 6 Year Highs As Bank Of Canada Slashes GDP Forecasts, Unexpectedly Cuts Rates – Zerohedge
‘Paper’ Gold ETF Tumbles To 5-Year Lows – Zerohedge

Recession Watch – Industrial Output Growth Plunges To 5 Year Lows – Zerohedge
Producer Prices Rise Again Driven By Surge In Energy Costs – Zerohedge
Yellen Statement To Congress: Rate Hike “Appropriate At Some Point This Year” If Economy Evolves As Expected – Full Text – Zerohedge
Empire Manufacturing Beats Despite Slump In New Orders & Employment – Zerohedge
Bank of Canada cuts main interest rate to 0.50% – Marketwatch
Bank of Japan Keeps Record Stimulus, Trims Inflation Outlook – Bloomberg
What Greece must do to receive a new bail-out – economist



Tuesday 07/14

Greek debt crisis: Tsipras meets mutinous MPs as bailout vote looms – live – guardian
Greek Opposition Set to Bail Out Tsipras Amid Syriza Backlash – Bloomberg
IMF signals it could walk away from Greek bailout deal – ft
Greece Rewrites Economic Textbooks With Austerity on Austerity – Bloomberg
Greek finance ministry sends reform bill to parliament – Reuters
How A “Eurozone Breakdown” Became A True Black Swan Event – Zerohedge
Micron: If a Deal Happens, Hang on For Oversupply, Says Morgan Stanley – barrons
Paul Krugman: The Fed Is Going to Be Wrong When It Eventually Raises Rates – Bloomberg
China’s central bank says financial system stable – Reuters
The new European Union – voxeu
3 Reasons Why EUR/USD Should Fall; We Stay Short – Danske – efxnews
Iran and major powers reach nuclear deal – cnbc
Iran, World Powers Have Reached Nuclear Agreement – Bloomberg
There is no Greek deal – politico
China May Tip World Into Recession: Morgan Stanley – Bloomberg
Greece Repays Samurai Bonds as Deal Reached With Creditors – Bloomberg
German inflation rate slows in June – Marketwatch
China’s new loans rise in June – Marketwatch
Singapore Q2 growth slumps on factory, services slowdown – cnbc
Singapore GDP contracts 4.6%, worse than forecast – Marketwatch


Monday 07/13

Greek debt crisis: deal reached after marathon all-night summit – live – guardian
Einhorn Says Europe Allowing Greece Collapse to Fight Populists – Bloomberg
After “Deal”, Here’s What’s Next For Greece – Zerohedge
Greece Needs the Euro – newyorker
The Guardian view on the Greek deal: it solves nothing and holds many dangers – guardian
What the Street Thinks About the Eurozone’s Greek Deal – wsj
SNB Sight Deposits Rise Reflecting Late June Interventions – Bloomberg
USD: Humphrey Hawkins And More – Credit Agricole – efxnews
Euro zone clinches deal with Greece after all-night haggle – Reuters

China’s Exports Rise in Another Sign of Stabilizing Economy – Bloomberg

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