TOP NEWS: Week 06/29 – 07/05

Weekend 07/04 & 07/05
Greek Referendum Day results live: Voting closes with polls showing ‘No’ side will claim victory – telegraph
Statement by the European Commission following the referendum in Greece – europa
Greece: This is not the end. Now up to Tsipras to propose serious reform package – alde
German Bonds Poised for Rally as Greek Vote Boosts Haven Appeal – Bloomberg
Greece’s ‘nays’ have it–how markets will react – cnbc
EL-ERIAN: If the Greek ‘no’ vote wins, prepare for a global stock market sell-off – businessinsider
State investment arm says has bought ETF – globalpost
Bundesbank chief warns of Grexit damage to German budget – Handelsblatt – Reuters
Greece must introduce another currency if ‘no’ vote wins: Schulz – Reuters
Citigroup Just Cornered The “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market – ZeroHedge
“The US Needs War Every 4 Years To Maintain Economic Growth” – ZeroHedge
Will Greek Depositors Under €100,000 Be Spared In Case Of A “Bail-In” – ZeroHedge
The Real Bubble: Average M&A Multiple Hits 16x As First Half Volume Crosses Record $1 Trillion – ZeroHedge
The meaning of a referendum: Austerity and sovereignty – voxeu
How China continues to reshape the world of commodities – economist
China Scrambles to Put Plunge Protection Team Together: Banks Pledge Support For Crashing Market – ZeroHedge
The Greek Bluff In All Its Glory: Presenting The Grexit “Falling Dominoes” – ZeroHedge
The IMF’s sad story:Greek tragedy – economist
How Greece’s referendum works – economist



Friday 07/03

Greek debt crisis: Varoufakis says deal is in the offing – live – guardian
BofA’s Dire Prediction: Only Direct Government Buying Can Save China Stocks Now – ZeroHedge
The future of Greece, the future of Europe – rbs

Bank of England to cut amount of personal savings protected by £10,000 – guardian
ECB signals it could loosen bank funding if Greeks vote ‘Yes’- Reuters
Chinese Government “Losing Control”: Stocks Are Collapsing, Hitting New Bear Market Lows – Zerohedge



Thursday 07/02

Eurogroup president says Greece will need more support – live – guardian
Goldman: “Greece Will Remain In Euro Even If It Votes No”, And How Markets Will React – Zerohedge
The Last Time This Happened In Credit, Bernanke Unleashed QE3 – Zerohedge
Fed Whisperer Hilsenrath Hints: Despite Jobs Miss, Yellen Will Hike In 2015 – Zerohedge
Fitch: Many Challenges If Resolution Needed On Greek Banks – fitch
260,000 Austrians sign EU exit petition, forcing referendum debate in parliament – rt
Factory Orders Scream Recession: Annual Drop Biggest Since 2008 – Zerohedge
June Payrolls Increase By 223K, Less Than Expected; Unemployment Rate Drops To 5.3% – Zerohedge
With Sweden’s QE Officially Broken, The Riksbank Doubles Down: Lowers Rates Even More Negative; Boosts QE – Zerohedge



Wednesday 07/01

Greece debt crisis: creditors consider next steps after IMF default – live – guardian
Europe Rebuffs Greek Overture as Poll Shows Voters Leaning ‘Yes’ – Bloomberg
Moody’s downgrades Greece – businessinsider
The Greek Bluff May Be Working: ECB Does Not “Haircut” ELA Collateral – Zerohedge
Losing Money Is “Inevitable” This Year, SocGen Warns Citing Economic “Elephant” – Zerohedge
Eurogroup’s Dijsselbloem Says “No Grounds For Further Talks”, Will “Wait For Outcome Of Referendum” – Zerohedge
Germany will not ‘pour money’ into Greek black hole, warns Angela Merkel ally – telegraph
Valuations Across the Sectors of the S&P 500 – morningstar
The Best And Worst Performing Assets In June And The First Half Of 2015 – Zerohedge
Q&A: The ECB’s emergency loan lifeline for Greek banks – ft
Bank Of England Warns Greece “Threatens To Trigger Market Selloff That Could Ripple Through The Global Economy” – Zerohedge
Greece’s former tax-collection chief just told us why the country has such a massive tax-evasion problem – businessinsider
Non-Seasonally-Adjusted ISM Manufacturing Plunges To 2015 Lows As Production Tumbles – Zerohedge
Why China is a Bigger Threat to the U.S. than Greece – thestreet
“Strong Fundamentals” Meme Destroyed As US Manufacturing PMI Slows To Its Weakest Since October 2013 – Zerohedge
Is Puerto Rico Another Greece? 10 Questions – wsj
Next Steps For Greece: The Complete Post-Referendum Roadmap – Zerohedge
Nine Key Questions on Greece – imf
Leaked Troika Documents Show Greece Needs Huge Debt Relief – Zerohedge
ADP Rises To Highest Since 2014 Despite Challenger Job Cuts’ Surge To Highest Since 2010 – Zerohedge
Markit Eurozone Manufacturing PMI – Manufacturing growth accelerates at end of Q2 – markit
Markit/BME Germany Manufacturing PMI–Output and new orders increase at stronger rates – markit
Markit France Manufacturing PMI–improvement in business conditions for first time in 14 months – markit
Italy Manufacturing PMI-Manufacturing PMI data show solid growth in goods production – markit



Thuseday 06/30

Greek debt crisis: hopes rise for decision-day deal for Alexis Tsipras – live updates – guardian
Goldman Just Crushed The “Strong Fundamentals” Lie; Cuts EPS, GDP, Revenue And Profit Forecasts – Zerohedge
Chinese QE Calls Officially Begin: Bond Swap “Sucks Liquidity”, “Contributes To Stock Slump”, Broker Claims – Zerohedge
Gross Says Hold Cash, Prepare For “Nightmare Panic Selling” – Zerohedge
Could Armenia Be The Next Ukraine? – Zerohedge



Monday 06/29

Greek crisis: stock markets slide after capital controls imposed – live updates – guardian
Greece: Markets React — Live – wsj
French Economy In “Dire Straits”, “Worse Than Anyone Can Imagine”, Leaked NSA Cable Reveals – Zerohedge
Puerto Rico’s governor says island cannot pay back $70 billion in debt, is near ‘death spiral’ – wp
Will Greece Default on Tuesday? One Key Player Isn’t Saying – Bloomberg
Greece Threatens ‘Unprecedented’ Injunction Against EU To Block Grexit – Zerohedge
Greeks are rushing to Bitcoin – cnn
Greece’s Closed Banks at ECB Mercy in Week of Saver Suspense – Bloomberg
Fitch Downgrades Greek Banks to ‘RD’ on Capital Controls – fitch
Alexis Tsipras must be stopped: the underlying message of Europe’s leaders – guardian
S&P lowers Greece sovereign credit rating – Reuters
Greece Long-Term Ratings Lowered To ‘CCC-‘; Outlook Negative – s&p
Greece May Be Lowered To Same Status As Botswana Or Zimbabwe MSCI Says – emergingequity
ECB Strikes Back: Threatens With Greek Deposit Haircut If And When ELA Found To Be “Illegal” On Wednesday – Zerohedge
Greek ETFs Plunge as Investors Fly Blind in New York, Frankfurt – Bloomberg
Here’s What Analysts Are Saying About Greece – Bloomberg
European Bank Risk Spikes Most In 5 Years To 19-Month Highs – Zerohedge
GOLDMAN: Today’s Greek mess won’t get as bad as the euro crisis of 2011-2012 – businessinsider
HSBC Falls Most Since May as Greece Weighs on Asian Banks – Bloomberg

Puerto Rico’s Governor Says Island’s Debts Are ‘Not Payable’ – nyt

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