TOP NEWS: Week 03/20 – 03/26

Weekend 03/25 & 03/26

OPEC urges members to uphold oil production cuts – Marketwatch


Friday 03/24

Markets cautious after crucial US healthcare vote delayed – business live – guardian

Greece to Break Off Face-to-Face Review Talks as Issues Persist – Bloomberg
TransCanada gets presidential permit to construct the Keystone XL pipeline – cnbc

Russia Surprises With Rate Cut as Inflation Quest on Track – Bloomberg
Euro-Area Economic Momentum Bodes Well for Prices and Jobs – Bloomberg
German Output Growth Accelerates as Costs, Employment Spike – Bloomberg
Biggest US Equity Outflows Since Brexit; US Banks Hit The Hardest – Ζerohedge
EU’s Juncker Says U.K.’s Brexit Bill Will Be ‘Around’ 50 Billion Pounds – Bloomberg
Healthcare vote delay worries stocks, dollar – Reuters


Thursday 03/23

Markets pause ahead of crucial US healthcare vote – business live – guardian

Credit Suisse considers stock sale over Swiss IPO: sources – Reuters
Banks Take $252 Billion Free ECB Cash With QE Exit in Mind – Bloomberg

The Controversial Chinese Economist Uncovering Tough Truths – Bloomberg
Greek Deposits Bleeding Drama Resumes Amid Bailout Uncertainty – Bloomberg

Italy Falls Out Of Love With The Euro: Beppe Grillo Resurgent In The Polls – Zerohedge

Oil Price Forecasts Falling on Shale Revival, OPEC Uncertainty – Bloomberg
If healthcare vote fails, would jeopardize ‘Trump trades’: Gundlach – Reuters

UK retail sales shook off Brexit fears to have a huge month in February – businessinsider

Markets are doing the US Fed a massive favour – businessinsider
China ‘Shadow Banks’ Crushed As Liquidity Costs Hit Record High – Zerohedge
CHART: The United States is swimming in crude oil – businessinsider

If China wants to achieve its growth goals, it may need the help of robots – businessinsider


Wednesday 03/22

Markets tumble as impatience mounts over Trump’s policies – business live – guardian

Five People Killed, At Least 40 Injured After Terrorist In SUV “Mows Down” Pedestrians In London – Zerohedge
Reflation Trade Hangs in the Balance as Health Care Vote Looms – Bloomberg

Retail Nightmare Just Won’t End: Sears Crashes On “Going Concern” Warning, Payless To File Bankruptcy In Days – Zerohedge
Oil’s Bad Timing Pressures Drillers as Banks Review Loans – Bloomberg

Fitch Downgrades Saudi Arabia to ‘A+’; Outlook Stable – fitch

Oil May Be the Key to the Reflation Rally – Bloomberg
Here Are The 26 People Responsible For Today’s Market Plunge – Zerohedge
Looking for bank stocks? Ditch the U.S. and head to Europe, Citi says – Marketwatch
Dijsselbloem Urged To Quit After Accusing ‘Club Med’ Countries Of “Wasting Money On Women & Beer” – Zerohedge

Shiller: Trump is the market’s great hope—and its greatest danger – cnbc
The Global Liquidity Party Is Alive and Well, in Charts – Bloomberg

Asian markets slip as ‘Trump trade’ doubts grow – Marketwatch
Asia Stocks Tumble After U.S. Selloff; Yen Climbs: Markets Wrap – Bloomberg
Japan exports gain speed at best pace in 2 years – Marketwatch


Tuesday 03/21

Business Live – guardian

Emerging Markets Are on a Tear – Bloomberg
Goldman to move hundreds of staff from London pre-Brexit: Europe CEO – Reuters

ondon’s Six-Year Home Price Boom May Finally Be Over: Chart – Bloomberg
Deutsche Bank reports 4Q loss – cnbc

U.K. Inflation Rate Rises More Than Forecast, Breaching BOE Goal – Bloomberg

Euro Advances as Macron Emerges Most Convincing in French Debate – Bloomberg


Monday 03/20

Business Live – guardian

NYSE Arca outage affects $150 billion in ETFs – Marketwatch
Laundered Russian Cash Flowed Through Major Banks, Guardian Says – Bloomberg

One-third of Americans say they’d have trouble coming up with an emergency $2,000 – Marketwatch

Forex – Top 5 Things to Watch this Week – bk
ECB Policy Turns Foreign Investors Into Net Sellers of Euro Debt – Bloomberg

Goldman Wonders If Fed Balance Sheet Normalization Is Part of Rate Hike Plan – valuewalk
Snapchat surges above $20 after receiving its first Wall Street ‘buy’ rating – businessinsider

Nasdaq climbs to new all-time high; real estate and tech lead – cnbc
There’s a big disappointment on the way for markets, says strategist – cnbc

What Comes Next After May Starts Brexit March 29: QuickTake Q&A – Bloomberg
U.K. to Trigger Brexit on March 29, May’s Spokesman Says – Bloomberg

Greek tax workers protest against austerity as euro group meets in Brussels – Reuters

ECB’s Visco: ECB should shorten break between QE exit and rate hike – fxstreet
Governments Have Put the ECB in a Bind – Bloomberg
Credit Suisse “Climbs The Wall Of Worry”, Raises S&P Target To 2,500 From 2,350 – Zerohedge
Odd Lots: How a Hedge Fund Manager Teaches His Kids About Money and Banking – Bloomberg

Flipkart to Raise $1 Billion With Plans for $1 Billion More – Bloomberg
Big Banks Back off Calls for Euro-Dollar Parity – Reuters
Citi abandons call for euro fall through parity with dollar – Reuters
Greece Edges Toward a New Crisis as Bailout Quarrel Persists – Bloomberg
Dollar Hits Fresh Four-Month Low as Traders Follow Recent Trends – Bloomberg
Denmark’s government now has no foreign currency debt — for the first time in 183 years – businessinsider

German producer prices rise the most since 2011 – Marketwatch

The G20 deals a setback for export champion Germany – businessinsider
Deutsche Bank Seeks $8.6 Billion Selling Shares at 35% Discount – Bloomberg
Macron holds edge in French election race ahead of first debate – Reuters
Bond-Yield Rebound Poses a Threat to Stock Rally – wsj

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