TOP NEWS: Week 01/09 – 01/15

Weekend 01/14 & 01/15

May to Seek Hard Brexit by Leaving EU Market, Times Reports – Bloomberg
Brazil a ‘cornucopia of possibilities’ in spite of political upheaval, rate cuts – cnbc
China’s currency manipulation could become a global problem in 2017 – businessinsider

Britain could become a corporate tax haven – businessinsider
Why Millennials Are Behind: They Earn 20% Less Than Boomers Did At The Same Age – Zerohedge
Treasury Specs Are So Short, It Is Now A 4 Sigma Event – Zerohedge



Friday 01/13

Business Live – guardian

Sanctions, What Sanctions? Russia Bond Yields Plunge To 3 Year Lows – Zerohedge
Full interview with BlackRock CEO Larry Fink on risks to the Trump rally – cnbc

DBRS Downgrades Italy, Stripping It Of Its Last “A Rating” And Raising ECB Collateral Haircuts – Zerohedge
Core PPI Comes Hotter Than Expected, Driven By Rising “Brokerage, Investment Advice” Prices – Zerohedge
Retail Sales Disappoint As Post-Trump Animal Spirits Fade – Zerohedge

Implications of higher US growth/higher inflation on Asia – Nomura – efxnews

JPM Earnings Jump On Slashed Expenses, FICC Trading Beats As Equity, IB Misses; Credit Card Charge-Offs Spike – Zerohedge
Bank Of America Misses Revenues As FICC Disappoints, EPS Beats On Accelerated Expense Reductions – Zerohedge
The World Isn’t Waiting for Trump on Trade – Bloomberg
Guggenheim: “3% Is The Beginning Of The End” – Zerohedge
Here’s Trump’s Gift to Mario Draghi – Bloomberg

Asia’s Smallest Economies Are Among Its Fastest Growing – Bloomberg

BOJ: Consumer inflation expectations at 4-year low – Marketwatch
China’s Exports Remain Tepid as Trump Trade Challenge Looms – Bloomberg
Schaeuble Sees New Greek Bailout Risk as German Polls Loom – Bloomberg


Thursday 01/12

Business Live – guardian

Germany’s Schaeuble urges ECB to start unwinding stimulus this year – cnbc
Goldman Sachs says millennials didn’t inherit a spending habit companies have capitalized on for years – businessinsider

Amazon to Add 100,000 Jobs as Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Crumbles – nyt
German Economic Growth at End of 2016 Probably Beat Forecasts – Bloomberg

Robots Will Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Some Fear, New Report Says – nyt
Turk Central Bank Said to Tighten Liquidity to Prop Up Lira – Bloomberg

Markets under-pricing Dutch political risk? – Natixis – fxstreet

UBI Banca to make offer for three rescued regional banks today – ITALY24
Trump Trades Show Signs of Cracking on Fiscal-Stimulus Letdown – Bloomberg
Vietnam’s Biggest Fund Sees Stock Benchmark Rising 17% in 2017 – Bloomberg
Trump tempests to test Kuroda’s steadying hand – nikkei


Wednesday 01/11

Business Live – guardian

Saudi Exchange CEO Is in Full Pursuit of Emerging-Market Prize – Bloomberg
Nasdaq drops with pharma stocks as Trump blasts drug prices – Reuters

Stocks pressured in volatile session after Trump news conference – Marketwatch

Venezeula’s Awful Economy Got Even Worse in 2016 – Bloomberg

India’s Economy Faces a Bumpy Road to Recovery – Bloomberg
When $4 trillion is too much and $3 trillion is not enough – BBH – fxstreet
Italian Bond Yield Slide As Italy Avoids Early Elections Following Constitutional Court Decision – Zerohedge
Suddenly, Home Sale Agreements Are Falling Apart Across the U.S. – Bloomberg

BOND KING WAR: Jeff Gundlach fires shots at Bill Gross – businessinsider
China’s Biggest Challenges: Seven Things Xi Needs to Nail in 2017 – Bloomberg

U.K. Industrial Output Rises More Than Forecast on Oil, Gas – Bloomberg

From Brexit to Trump, Polarization Poses Global Risk, WEF Says – Bloomberg
German Economy Gets Head Start in Year of Political Turbulence – Bloomberg

The enormous coking coal price rally of last year is starting to unwind – businessinsider

Trump Press Conference Wednesday May Be Market Moving – barrons
Morgan Stanley reckons Chinese stocks will rally 40% this year – businessinsider
What to watch in the markets: Trump leaks; in Rome, a new test for Renzi – Reuters
Big Oil Hits Sweet Spot as Projects Reap Rewards of Recovery – Bloomberg
Asian markets off to the races, hoping Trump will reveal stimulus details – Marketwatch
Jeff Gundlach gives his full outlook for markets and the US economy in 2017 – businessinsider


Tuesday 01/10

Business Live – guardian

Live Webcast: Jeff Gundlach Kicks Off 2017 With His “Just Markets” Presentation – Zerohedge
What Trump gives with one hand, he could take away with the other: World Bank – cnbc
India Cash Ban Disruptive But Won’t Harm Modi’s Election Chances – Bloomberg
China’s Currency Policies Need an Overhaul – Bloomberg
What’s Driving Palladium ETF Rally? – zacks
For Bill Gross, This Is The Only Thing That Matters For The Market Right Now – Zerohedge

Wall Street’s smart money is dumping the biggest trade in stocks since Trump’s election – businessinsider
GM Shares Jump 5% After Forecasting Higher 2017 Profits, Strong China Sales, $5 Billion Buyback – Zerohedge
Deutsche Bank’s top economist favors Trump over status quo – Reuters

Sell Goldman Sachs shares as its postelection rally has ‘overshot,’ Citi Research says – cnbc

Despite OPEC Cuts, Iraq To Boost February Oil Exports To Record High – Zerohedge
Forget 30 Years of Stock and Bond Divergence, Bernstein Says – Bloomberg

What’s Next for Monte Paschi as Italy, EU Work on Rescue – Bloomberg
Wholesale Sales Disappoint Sending Inventories-Ratio Back Into Recession Territory – Zerohedge
LSE CEO Sees Brexit Risking 232,000 Jobs, Market Stability – Bloomberg
Dimon Predicts Rising Interest Rates Based on U.S. Growth – Bloomberg

Rapidly growing digital economy set to give China 415m jobs, account for nearly half of GDP – scmp

Indian Commodity Exchange to launch diamond futures in March – Reuters

Turkey’s central bank announces steps to help curb lira decline – Marketwatch
Fund That Made Money on Treasuries Says Rally Is About to End – Bloomberg
Goldman’s Hatzius: 35% chance of Fed hike in March and markets aren’t braced for it – Marketwatch
Goldman Sachs’s risk appetite measure is at its highest point in history – businessinsider

China’s 2% Inflation Feels More Like 20% to Big-City Renters – Bloomberg
China: Inflation to accelerate further in near-term – Goldman Sachs – fxstreet
China: Reflation continues, but the recovery needs to spread out – HSBC – fxstreet
China Factory Prices Rising Fastest in 5 Years Adds to Reflation – Bloomberg
Inflation in a key part of China’s economy is red hot as commodity prices surge – businessinsider
ECB: Pressure to taper but Draghi won’t waver – HSBC – fxstreet
Citigroup may benefit less from tax cuts than other U.S. banks – Reuters


Monday 01/09

Pound hit by Brexit fears as FTSE 100 touches fresh record high – business live – guardian

Oil Slumps As Nigeria Production Jumps, Kuwait Hints At OPEC Deal “Non-Compliance”, SPR Sale – Zerohedge
Mind the Gap: Widening HICP-Core Euro-Area Inflation May Prove Deflationary – Bloomberg

SNB Expects Bumper 2016 Profit After Record Loss a Year Earlier – Bloomberg

America’s Builder-in-Chief Should Beware – Bloomberg
Why Alibaba Is Deutsche’s Top China Internet Pick For 2017 – barrons
Here’s Where Goldman Sachs Is Telling Clients to Invest in Equities – Bloomberg
Popolare di Vicenza, Veneto Banca pin hopes on shareholders’ settlement deal – Reuters
US To Sell 8 Million Barrels Of Oil From The Strategic Petroleum Reserve – Zerohedge
Will Trump Rally’s Legs Begin to Buckle? – barrons
Will India Get Rid of Plastic Money By 2020? – wsj

Reuters poll: ECB’s next move after April will be further quantitative easing reduction – traders – Reuters

Don’t Worry Bond Investors, Baby Boomers Have Got Your Back – Bloomberg

Italy: Entering a crucial period for its future – HSBC – fxstreet
Goldman Sachs sees Europe stocks as more attractive than US peers for 2017 – cnbc
Mexico Spent $4 Billion To Defend The Peso Last Week…And This Is What They Got – Zerohedge
CREDIT SUISSE: Here are the 10 key things to look out for in the European economy in 2017 – businessinsider

Turkish Lira Extends Losses as Rate Speculation Mounts: Chart – Bloomberg

Euro-Area Unemployment Holds at 7-Year Low as Growth Strengthens – Bloomberg
Dollar to hit parity with euro during 2017, says Goldman Sachs’ chief economist – cnbc

Italy Clears Hurdle in Monte Paschi Rescue Without Even Trying – Bloomberg

British government no longer top Lloyds shareholder – Reuters

Why the World’s Watching Cyprus Unification Talks: QuickTake Q&A – Bloomberg
Bitcoin Extends Loss After China’s Central Bank Warns Investors – Bloomberg
Devaluation Looms for Nigeria Even as Forwards Ease on Oil – Bloomberg

German Industrial Output Rises in Sign of Economic Strength – Bloomberg

Youth unemployment in Italy skyrockets to 39% as country braces for Jobs Act referendum – express
Cable Crumbles Early – bk
Pound Falls to 10-Week Low as May Hints at Single-Market Exit – Bloomberg
US: Better growth starting in 2017 – Nomura – fxstreet
Key Events In The Coming Week: All Eyes On Trump – Zerohedge
China might not get another debt-fuelled economic rebound this year – businessinsider
ron ore tumbles to a 6-week low – businessinsider
Santoli: Investors may not have the patience required to keep the shaky ‘Trump trade’ alive – cnbc
China Is Planning a New, Relaxed Approach to Growth – Bloomberg
Sell Philippines Stocks Now: Constitutional Rewriting Starts Soon, Says Credit Suisse – barrons
China’s FX Reserves Down To $3 Trillion: Should We Worry? – barrons
The coming ‘bond massacre’ will be worse than 1994 – businessinsider

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