OUSA: new US Dividend Strategy ETF by O’Shares

O’Shares begun trading the O’Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETF (NYSEArca: OUSA) on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.



Symbol: OUSA Exchange: NYSE Arca
Name: O’Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETF Net Expense Ratio: 0.48%


The O’Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETF seeks to track the performance (before fees and expenses) of its target index, the FTSE US Qual/Vol/Yield Factor 5% Capped Index.


The FTSE US Qual/Vol/Yield Factor 5% Capped Index is designed to measure the performance of publicly-listed large-capitalization and mid-capitalization dividend-paying  issuers  in  the  United  States  that  meet  certain  market  capitalization,  liquidity,  high  quality,  low  volatility and dividend yield thresholds, as determined by FTSE-Russell (Index Provider). The high quality and low volatility requirements are designed to reduce exposure to high dividend equities that have experienced large price declines, as may occur with some dividend investing strategies.
The  constituents  of  the Index  are  selected  from  the  FTSE  USA  Index,  comprised  of  600  of  the  largest U.S. publicly-listed equities, that had an average market capitalization of $56 billion and minimum market capitalization of over $750 million as of June 23, 2015. The Index Provider selects and weights securities for the Index based on  a  proprietary  approach  that  combines  the  following  3  factors:
1)  high  quality,  including  measures  of  profitability, operating  efficiency,  earnings  quality  and  leverage,
2)  low  volatility,  and
3)  high  dividend  yield  for  the  twelve  months preceding each annual reconstitution.
Individual index constituent weights are capped at 5% at each quarterly rebalance to avoid  overexposure  to  any  single  security,  and  are  tested  for  liquidity  semi-annually.  The  Index’s  investable universe includes real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Top 10 Holdings (07/14/15):

Johnson & Johnson  5.03%
Exxon Mobil Corp.  5.03%
Apple Inc.  5.01%
AT&T  3.79%
Microsoft Corp.  3.75%
Verizon Comm.  3.72%
Pfizer  3.23%
Proctor & Gamble  3.08%
Philip Morris Intl.  2.94%
Chevron  2.73%


Sector Overview (07/14/15):

Consumer Goods     17.5%
Health Care 17.1%
Technology 13.9%
Industrials 11.2%
Oil & Gas 10.3%
Consumer Services 9.6%
Telecom 7.7%
Utilities 6.9%
Financials 4.5%
Basic Materials 1.3%



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ETFtrack comment:
O’Shares was formed by Connor O’Brien, CEO, and ABC Shark Tank investor and CNBC contributor Kevin O’Leary, Chairman, who together also co-found-ed  O’Leary Funds, an investment fund manager focused on income, capital appreciation and wealth preservation that has grown to approximately $900 million in assets under management.

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