GRMY and DBUK ETFs to Close

DWS Group announced plans to close and liquidate 2 Xtrackers exchange-traded funds (ETFs):

Xtrackers Germany Equity ETF (Cboe: GRMY),
Xtrackers MSCI United Kingdom Hedged Equity ETF (NYSE Arca: DBUK).

DWS plans to close and liquidate these funds following a regular and ongoing process to review and evolve the Xtrackers product lineup to ensure the business continues to meet clients’ needs. The last day of trading is expected to be April 30, 2019. Creations will be accepted until that time. Proceeds of the liquidations are scheduled to be sent to shareholders on or about May 10, 2019.

When each ETF commences liquidation of its portfolio securities, each ETF may hold cash and securities that may not be consistent with the ETF’s investment objective and strategy. During this period, each ETF is likely to incur higher tracking error than is typical for the ETF.